Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stressful games

I know I already blogged about basketball but this game was somewhat stressful.
For one thing the place was packed. For the next, I am sure that some people had bet money on the game for a three point spread. You should have seen some of these guys, red in the face and cussing all up and down the place. Their cell phones were always on and you could tell that they were stressing each other out!
Lastly ummm, because the FSU band was there, the music kinda sucked...really bad. They played well but their choice of music to play at the game was off....BIG TIME.
I had fun though. The game went into overtime and had everyone on edge up until the last minute where they knew we would not be able to come out from being down by eight points. I swear I have never heard so much cussing in unison in all my life. Maybe I should go to more sporting events where we lose. :)
I liked the Miami team a lot. Every time they got the ball it converted to points.
We have a good three point shooter but Miami as a team just knows the game and the strategy and how to move with the ball.It is amazing to watch them.

Other than that, I like the half time games and the kiss cam. When friends go together and the kiss cam lands, it's always a toss up as to how it will end. You can always tell which of the two friends is more interested in the other. I love it!

We all always sit too far in the back to get any T-shirts when they use the sling shot too! That really sucks because I like to win!
One interesting thing in our people watching was that we saw a guy who looked like Janice's dad with the same mannerisms and everything.
She called him up after to tell him and he wasn't sure if he liked that at all! :)
Hugs M

Monday, January 30, 2006

Yes, Prime Minister

I found out that I am not the only one in town who watches Prime Minister's Questions on C-Span. I know it looks boring but it is really anything but (I like C-span a lot!).....
Every Sunday they show questions to Prime Minister Tony Blair by the members of Parliament in the House of Commons.
I love to watch it because its very unproper sometimes.
They make jokes, take stabs at each other, and throw the past in each others faces. They also make noise, applaud, cheer, boo, stand abruptly then sit, whatever they want to do.

The women in there, especially the young women, really have to shout sometimes to get their point across. Check out the people in the background!
The Scottish (like Alex Salmond in the pic) and Irish MPs always seem extremely angry when they are making their points and asking questions.

The Speaker of the House always looks as if he wishes he was at home having breakfast still in Devonshire (I don't know if he is actually from there but it sounds better that Leicester).
When the Speaker has to get involved, sometimes he has a wry smile on his face that belies his true feelings I am sure. Sometimes he just looks annoyed. 'Alright, Alright, calm down then' is what he usually says.

Last night the best question (well the funniest question) came from Neil Turner (see pic) from Wigan. He said to Tony Blair: "Wigan is not only known for its great sports teams and brilliant sports men and women, we do offer a lot to England in terms of resources, but will the Prime Minister consider building us an Olympic swimming pool as a show of support and appreciation?"
Everyone was in an uproar when he said that.
Tony was great. He said "Well while I certainly agree with your account about Wigan and my minister of Culture here nodded throuhout your presentation up until you go to the pool part (everybody in the HOUSE laughed here). I certainly will say that we will listen to all requests blah blah blah..."
It was great!!!!
Tony has an answer for everything. Even if some people in there don't like him (the Conservative Party Leader, David Cameron certainly does not like him), you can tell that they all respect him. He's brilliant!
I especially like how he looks so wicked!
It is like watching a a great TV show (drama or comedy) or something, every week.
Hugs M

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A History of Violence

I finally saw A History of Violence.
I loved this movie.
The movie is extrememly violent but none of the violence is gratuitous. Every punch and shot, grab, pull, push, shove, slap, kick, and stab was necessary for the messsage of the film whether David Cronenberg intended that message or not.
The movie essentially shows that whatever you do in your life, your past, or present has consequences both good or bad. Even if you have redeemed yourself and try to turn away from your past, those consequences may very well follow.

The violence as I said before is very in your face.
The emotional impact on the characters and the audience watching the movie is raw. Certain bits made me want to cry and of course it's all very shocking.
The intersting in the audience watching the movie is how used to graphic violence some people are. Men giggled and whooped and hollered and clapped, because of the excitement of it all. Nary a nervous giggle presented itself.
It is what you may expect given what we are exposed to in the Media. If you try to look past that to the deeper issues like the flicking of the switch once your former lifestyle gets thrown back into your face, and there is no way to avoid it but dealing with it head on. The question remains: Will you give in?
Or will you remember that you are indeed redeemed, you are a new person, with new ways of interacting with others and dealing with life's pressures and find a different solution?
Do we ever really have a choice in the matter?
Or did you really change? Or was the 'lack of opportunity' to sin your main deterrent?

Love this movie. Will buy the DVD.

Friday, January 27, 2006

No, the lie of it. That's a lie. It's not an idea. That's a lie.

That is what Oprah said to James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces
She brought him back to her show because she felt betrayed that she was lied to so badly. She questioned every single thing about the book and him, then he would say "I don't remember."
She then would counter and say, well you remember about this and this, and this, so how come all of a sudden you don't remember this part?

Even when he was 'telling the truth' when oprah was asking him questions, you can tell by her face and how she responds (Uh-huh, o-kay, what does that mean), that she doesn't believe, nor will she ever believe a word he has to say.
I could tell that by the time Oprah started to talk to the publisher NAN, that she was already jaded, and angry that the guy could lie to her face, with a straight face.
I felt sorry for her. Extremely sorry.


If it (being lied to on grand scale by someone you trust) happens enough times to you then you get used to it, so you are not quite so devastated when it happens again. You also don't expect much out of people at all...which is how that kind of thing changes a good person.....

I am sure in her past relationships it has happened to her (she has said that many times on the show), but it probably hasn't happened recently and on such a grand scale so she was shocked and shaken.

Larry King Transcript

I am going to get off my soap box soon but lies are typically what happens when you deal with addicts (any type of addicts) so its best not to really let your guard down too much, if you don't want to get caught up in their mess. James even said that he thinks this was an opportunity for him to finally tell the truth in his life.......
When you hear that, you just think Uh-huh, O-kay, What does that mean?
If you can't tell. I really like Oprah.
Oh and people may think she was silly to believe him. But that is what people who generally tend to tell the truth do, they believe other people will tell the truth too..... JOEL STEIN SUMS UP MY FEELINGS BEST
Hugs M

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Snail Mail

Remember in the old days of snail mail when you used to have penpals from all over the world because of the Finnish International Penpal friend service?

Those were the good old days. I had penpals from The US, Finland, Africa, Sweden, Germany, Philippines, Australia, Austria, Slovenia, Israel and England.
This was me from ages 12 to 17.
Then I got really busy with college entrance exams and that was that.
When I was in University though, one of the German penpals came to visit me. He had turned into this super photographer and so while we traveled all over Trinidad, he took pics. Including pictures of me which I asked him kindly not to post because I was scared of the internet! (Hahah, who would have known!)

Well I essentially took him round to my favorite beaches and areas in the country side, and he got great shots. The interesting thing about us going round to these places was that we took taxis and buses. That was interesting because, on his own he asked some taxi drivers to take him around and they tried to charge him 200 dollars TT (about 35 US).
When he told me that, I took a day off school to show him exactly how to get around when I was not there (and what to say and how to say it to the taxi drivers). So it cost us exactly 12 dollars TT (2 dollars US) roundtrip, to get to the first place Manzanilla Bay.
The second place is Sangre Grande where my cousin owns a farm.

Anyway I am still in contact somewhat with the penpal from England (who moved to Israel), but it's not the same beacuse email kinda leaves you in limbo once you've gotten all caught up in 10 minutes (hahah)
Messenger is only good for penpalling when you are talking to Andy (hahah-per our conversation yesterday).
Hugs M

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Walking the neighborhood

I was walking around my neighborhood with my headphones on and listening to Sean Paul so I really didn't notice anything or anyone till I was done an hour later. When I got home, I went online to check my email and there was an message from my friend Jason/Nate.
Were you just walking on "Such and Such" lane, or was that just an incredible simulation?

I replied. "That was me! Were you there?"

He replied: "YES! Live there!"

How amazing is that?! He used to be a great friend and advocate when were were in health group together.
I thought he was so cool because he was into music and wore thick sterling silver earrings in one ear, vintage tee shirts, and faded jeans with flip flops in the summer.
We lost touch when he went to the Asian Pacific Countries to teach English (I like it when my friends are activists and missionaries). We started talking again when he got back here, and now he lives where I live. We didn't even know it.
Crazy stuff........

He is really pursuing his music stuff and grad school with a passion. I love when people have a hobby that is a passion. They really go all out for it! He sent me this great picture of him today.
I think the sideburns are wonderful!
Hugs M

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Missing it

Every Year in the downtown area here they have a Caribbean Carnival. I like it but it doesn't compare to the real thing. The festivities that are taking place right now in Trini is the real thing.
So I am missing it. A LOT!
On the day after Christmas, they stop all the 'holiday' music and start playing calypso and soca on the radio. All the band launching and fetes start, which means that all the parties are definitely on.
Once the band launching starts then you get to choose your costume (the cuter the better), pay for it, then attend all the parties that you can. It is getting to be an expensive business to go to these 'all inclusive' fetes so you really have to pick and choose.
For all my friends at University that celebrated Ramadan, it always sucked for them because they could never go out during that month and it always fell (by accident or design), in carnival month.
So you go to all these parties, steel band concerts, Calypso reviews, shows, art shows (art is the least of it), then you get muddy for Jouvert, wear half your coustume on Carnival Monday, and wear your full costume on Tuesday.
Then Tuesday night you hope you still have some of your costume left for last lap (the last party bash before Carnival is over).
Wednesday is Ash Wednesday (a holiday), and the beginning of lent. So the diehards go to church for ashes and the rest go to the beach for some rest and a little more party.
So I am really missing two months worth of fete.
But not to worry, though, a month after all this hapens, my sis will send me cds of the stuff I missed :( , with a magazine attached.
Hugs M

Monday, January 23, 2006


We finally visited Nectar this weekend. Eric from Cafe owns it and told us that it was open so we finally decided to head over there.
From where we started its a fairly far drive but we've been out further just to watch football, so it really wasn't a big deal.
We turned right on Kerry Forest and went all the way to the Shannon Lakes Roundabout and turned right. You can't even miss it.
You see the sign immediately.
Inside, it is like a mini World Market or Fresh Market.
They sell imported and domestic wines and novelty gourmet snacks. At the bar they sell coffee and lattes and all the -ccino stuff as well as different teas. They brew it there just for you, and you sit at the bar on these space age red barstools or on the little red couch at the front of the store. I really liked it there!
Hugs M

Friday, January 20, 2006

Then I got a little bit sick

Last weekend there was a lot of stuff going on.
On Friday I had to help with CPR training for 200 kids and I think that was when I got introduced to whatever made me ill on Sunday and the next four days.
Well on Friday night my friend invited us to a party at his church...I thought it would be a little boring but it turned out great! The music was pop, hip hop mix and everybody was really getting down...
The DJ even took requests. Janice went up there to make him play Ricky Martin. She said he looked at her strangely but he played it (I am not surprised). This is her making sure he downloaded it.

My friend Michelle showed up and that added some good laughs too. Her sense of humor is something else. She is very Matter-of-fact (it is like 'whatever life goes on').

They had bands playing between the DJ sets. The first band sucked really bad, and the third ban kinda did too. The second was great!
You can tell they practice a lot! :)
The food was excellent. Theyhad those cream puff things which is my favorite dessert!
I think everybody had a great time.
Here is the band that didn't suck (lol).

We met some guy named Todd there. He grew up in the Netherlands, lived in California and moved here to help the pastor set up the church. He travels a lot and seemed like Mr. Popularity at the thing because flocks and flocks of women kept surrounding him for some reason. I thought it was because he was friendly, but his guy friends seemed friendly too, and none of the women were surrounding them as they talked to him. When he left the groups they would disperse!
It was interesting to watch. Anyway we talked to him and got this pic.

Then Saturday Cafe Cabernet....I think that was one of the more memorable cafe times (hahahaha).

Then Sunday, the wedding party. It was really nice except for when the bride's dad got ill and the ambulance had to come get him.
It was the first time I had seen a group of people mess up the Electric Slide because the woman leading the group had the steps all wrong. Not only that, she kept shimmying too! So the steps were off and these extra weird gyrations to worry about. I love it!

Then I got ill and was laid up for 4 days. I really have to say this.
I received a call from someone when I was ill telling me to get better soon, because I hadn't updated my blog and they were really wanting to read some more stuff!
I laughed and laughed, and coughed and hacked, and laughed some more.
Hugs M

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I was watching American Idol through a flu-like haze and I saw Mandisa Hundley.
I was really happy to see her because I went to a women's retreat last year in Feb, and met her there for the first time. She was a guest of the retreat and sang (her voice is like gift from GOD), and gave her testimony. After she sang she came up to me and said that she had been looking at me the whole time at the retreat and wanted to talk with me.
She said I looked sad and she wanted to talk about it.
At the time I really was very much overturned. It was a very bad time for me.
So we talked a lot and prayed together, and after the retreat was over we exchanged emails, for a while. After that I was fine. Better than ever!! Never looked back !!!!! :):):)

I really hope she makes it far to the American Idol Finals and wins because she is a wonderful person and a wonderful singer. She has toured with and sang for Beth Moore ministries and others. I am really happy for her.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Face Recognition

I don't really know how well it worked for me, and I think it is due to the size of the database that they had. It worked well for Janice..VERY WELL. Well let me show you what I have.
This is the picture I put into the Imaging software.
These are the results that I got. I dunno what to make of these. It's bothersome. Maybe it will work well for other people. So go ahead and try some Face Recognition
Hugs M

Thursday, January 12, 2006

MLK Celebration

Yesterday there was a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr commemorative celebration. His youngest daughter Reverend Bernice King was there as the distinguished speaker.
At this Ceremony They usually present a Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Service Award, and I actually know personally six of the 19 past recipients. One of them Dr. Jenice Rankins is on my defense committee. Mr. Earl Lee and Dr. Billy Close were part of a mentorship program in which I was selected as a mentor and of course Roberta Christie (good friend of Janice's).

As I said before Reverend Bernice King was the distingushed speaker and was about 5 years old when she attended her father's funeral. That is her with her mom at the funeral (sad times). I really was enraptured by her speech (unfortunately she was very badly treated and disrespected when she got to town here at the Double Tree Hotel, and ended up staying at the Ramada Inn.
I learned later that the Double Tree paid for her stay at the Ramada). She talked about God's truth and how it applies to the collective consciousness of society and how we must not be lulled by media images, agape love etc...you had to be there...I will never do her speech any justice.

So afterward there was a reception and small press conference. I went and talked to the media people because I felt they would know where she would be. I just followed them with my big official looking camera into the press room where only FIVE of US were allowed (they thought I was press!).

Then afterward, I was again one of FOUR people to get a picture with her. She was so super sweet too. I didn't expect anything less, but really she is so gracious. I love it.
I can't believe that I would meet a child of Martin Luther King Jr. Here in this place! I felt so strange after that!

Well anyway after I got my pic and everything, I stayed at the reception and talked to Anika (Director of the Student Counseling Center), and Kellie, since they were on the planning committee for the event. They were so much fun. Kellie actually took my pic with Reverend King.

Then I saw my friend Louis. He is really a great speaker etc. We only ever had one falling out over a project we were doing together. I sent him an email
My email: Louis, I can't.....
I don't like how this is situation is shaping up....
Why did you.........
I am very concerned about......
I feel unsure about our........

His Email: M, don't mistake me....
This is a miscommunication.....
What can I do to.......
Let us........

I forgave him instantly and we're so cool now.......I think he may also be one of the tallest guys I know personally ...hahah
Hugs M

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So in NY Mikey was great! He squeezed in time between work and all the other stuff he had going on to take us around. I really liked the Syr Univ in NY buildings and the sloping cemetery, going to Sound Garden, and well..I wasn't really excited about getting my nails done but I really liked the manicurist there. Mikey also took us to his workplace for a tour. Remember he is a sports caster, so to me it was really exciting going to the broadcast center and hanging out.

Since the days were so grey in NY the majority of the buildings looked spooky. I loved that and took a bunch of pics for posterity.

One day Mikey had a 4 hour radio show that he hosted(talked for 4 hours straight). I had only heard bits of his other shows before, but I listened to a lot of the 4 hour one. He was amazing! I don't like sports but the more he kept talking the better I was able to understand stuff and just get into it! That is me at one of the broadcast booths! I would have a great show if I were on hahahaha!

Sound garden was cool because they had EVERY type of music you could think of, and DVD. The cashier was a bigger version of Scott Sapp (of Creed), so I had to get a pic with him. Janice was exasperated! I love it!!! :)

The manicurist was really sweet. We had a great time talking and spent a lot more time there than it usually takes for a manicure (a Christmas present from Jan's mom's best friend), and I kid you not, two days later the polish was chipping. I think it was the brand of polish, but I am probably not going to have one done again. The talking was great though! (Tee Hee)
Hugs M
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