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Learning from MC

The one (Oprah's) Master Class I missed was the Maya Angelou one. Somebody sent me a link so that I can see the whole thing

I have seen dozens of her interviews and I always learn something. Sometimes it's the same lesson and I am at a different stage of life having gone through different experiences and finally I get it

I started reading her work when I was a teenager and could not relate very much even though, some of the story was somewhat similar.
 I got the lesson later

Anyway from this  masterclass  I wanted to relay some of the things that I loved which we all should remember. Because we probably all have these experiences.

In life there will be many clouds. But there will also be many rainbows. Many people will show you a kindness. This is true.
  There have always been many people who have shown me a kindness. They come from nowhere sometimes. They just appear.
Especially when I thought there was no help to save me.
As a result, be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud. Be a blessing to somebody. Show kindness.

Words are things. They get into the walls, the furniture, your clothes and finally into you (they become you). Be careful of the words you use toward people -  the cursing and maligning etc...
Be constructive, not destructive  with your energy.

When you get - GIVE
When you learn - TEACH
Love Liberates. It doesn't just hold
Do right. Even if it's not profitable or expedient. it satisfies your soul...
(Painting-Sister Sookie's funeral)Live your life doing good, so you  will not  regret years of useless virtue, inertia and timidity.
Step out on the Word.


I think everybody's (or every secret sci fi nerd's) computer desk is like this

Hahaha I love it

Year 0

I watched this really interesting film called Germany Year Zero recently

I thought it was a great film. It was actually filmed in 1948 in the ruined Berlin.
 So all the bombed and destroyed buildings are real.
I felt that was amazing.
They moved in quickly when the war was over to take advantage of  everything they could before restoration. 
So there is a very authentic feel to the film
While the story centers around the family of the little boy Edmund and their struggle to survive post war, it coulld also be a modern day story
Whenever there is struggle and hard times, people try to find a way to survive and of course there are predators
UGH. This guy
Other than that, I really enjoyed this film. 
It gave a lot of insight into what was going on with people in the war torn areas.

Although in your mind you keep thinking they were the more fortunate ones in the time of WWII
 Meanwhile it was also a very sad movie

 I won't give away too much, but I felt sorry for the boy Edmund. Very young with a lot of burden on him, emotionally and otherwise...

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Just for the clothes

You know when you hear about a film but there is no preview and you don't know what it is about? Yet you want to see it because you saw a picture of the cast and you love the clothes?

 Well that happened to me with Blood Ties.
Plus I really like Zoe Saldana
It'll be out next year, and other good actors like Clive Owen and Mila Kunis are involved.
So it may be good anyway. That's Billy Crudup in the pics with Zoe.

In the meantime I love her outfit. I want to wear it :)


Somebody just reminded me about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
I think that is my favorite movie, My Fair Lady -a close second
Meanwhile I LOVE this picture.

The three of them just CHILLIN!

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For sure

I really dig this guy

When I saw his Masterclass I dug him even more (if that is possible)

I gre u watching his movies. All the old movies I could find I watched. Even now.


The only reason I am probably going to see this movie is because i see some diversity in at least the extras of the cast.
I saw this scene and I said: OK maybe I will go and watch the movie

Also, I saw  Amitabh Bachchan is in it. He was the star of most of the bollywood films I used to watch when I was very little

I read this book with a friend of mine when I was in University (The Great Gatsby). Which means that each night we took turns reading out loud to each other before parting ways.

It took longer to read it that way, but it was fun because you could discuss it as you went along
Also you could try and make it funny by putting on posh voices if you wanted.

However, after a while it stopped being fun because the characters were HORRID to each other.
Absolutely horrible.
 FOR NO REASON whatsoever. They were also kind of horrid to themselves. Hanging round people they didn't like, just for the sake of parties etc. It was so awful. But I guess they got caught up in the lifestyle

By the time we were done with the book, we decided to be more careful with what we chose the next time. We took umpteeen walks at night in the weeks following and did fun, pretty things

Even now just thinking of the book makes me feel kinda down. So I am only going to see it for the pretty colors, the costumes, and the scenery. I think it's true what they say. People won't necessarily remember what you do or say but how you make them feel...

Life Class: Hard Conversations

 Whew! That Hard Conversations Lifeclass was a doozey
At certain points Iyanla said to the audience take  deep breath. I am glad she did because they and I definitely needed it

I learned a lot but I could see what was happening with the guests and everybody else.

It was so difficult. Iyanla gave the 7 steps  to having a hard converstaion. But I think some convesations really need a moderator.

Or else like we saw, it will just escalate into issues, you don't really need.

Hard Conversations
Seven (7) Steps:
1. Acknowledge the need for the conversation.
2. Clarify the expectation
3. Invite the other person to the have the conversation
4. Set the ground rules for the conversation
5. Be willing to listen
6. Be willing to be wrong
7. Next Steps - after the conversation discuss the next steps

 My notebook is going to be full soon I think. I learned a lot.
I am happy about that. I also have some things to research

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Dimed out

Check how easy it is to get dimed out by somebody you don't know

Who turns out to be a lil bit evil just FYI.
Thanks you for Han and Gree - Miriam Bonastre Tur :)

So you are going about your business in the woods and you passed those two kids, having not said a word
They go on and meet up with a weirdo who asks about you

They don't even know what his deal is but the dude totally dimes you out and points in the direction you went

To leave you to a fate far worse than death...

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One for the road

Aww sweet pretty music

I'm listening to YOU!
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