Monday, April 24, 2006

Art Flowers and things

We went to the Art Fair and I liked the silver hand crafted jewelry most of all.
I tried it on and took a couple of pics... I think that that will be a passion of mine in the future! I will try my hand at making it..although it is kind of complicated when you have to use heat and acid and all that stuff.

We saw Minh and Jeff there and that was really cool because we hung out for a while before the heat got to us.
Anyway after that we went to The Oven Park and there was a wedding going on there.
We actually talked to the mother of the bride who told us all that went into planning the wedding and and decorating and everything.
She took us into the house to show us the cake and the HOPAH (sp) that they set up around the cake...Everything was really pretty....

That is how I know that you can do your wedding for yourself and make the stuff you need to make by watching Martha Stewart! She got all the fabric and everything at discounted prices and did the arrangements herself..I think she may have been a little bit stressed out though.

The Oven Park has these beautiful flowers everywhere that you just can't pass are some.
Hugs M

Eat before Cafe

Or else you seriously crave food - Any type of food- by the end of the night.....
It was fun and my friend Minh showed up too!
It was good because I got to dance again but I felt a little loopy because I didn't get a chance to eat before I left the house......
I really should have eaten. Janice had crackers and I don't think that was enough either :(

Eric wasn't there but we sort of knew the guy who was tending that night. Daniel...We'd met him before at Paradigm and asked him a billion times if his name was Drew, but it wasn't...Then we made the mistake of asking him again...they look exactly alike!

Anyway it was really fun and as usual I had a great time :)
Hugs M

Monday, April 17, 2006

Jan Dad Sighting at The Game

This is the SECOND time we've seen the Jan dad look-alike at a game. The first was at the basketball at the baseball game.
We made the long walk around to the ticket area and saw him. I had to get a picture....

Then we saw Alise..who seemed to be MAD fun and knew the REAL rules of 'the game' hahaha!

After that I thought that everybody that I saw was from Myspace..Everybody just looked so familiar....

I got a picture with one of the baseball players because his name was Marsh...I thought that was cool...Marsh/ Marsha...
The only thing is....He didn't play at all during the game..Janice kept pointing that out, but for all I know about the game it wouldn't have mattered anyway because I couldn't keep track of the scoring!
We left before the game ended because my stomach was acting up and I was really tired too...

Then some guy kept trying to get round Janice to talk to me and he tapped her leg...she got kinda scared..
I mean I had seen this guy around when I went to bible study downtown, and Jan for my sake tried to block him because he kept looking back, and talking to his friend, telling her that he knew me....
Then the friend got up and went away most likely so he could change seats UGH!....
Finally I decided to face the music...I looked at him and he handed me a note...
He said :Mam I think I recognize you from Potbelly's...are you Rachel?
I said No, Sorry I am not...and I turned away...... QUICK....

After that It was ALL over..I couldn't stop laughing and then when Jan said she was a little scared..I just couldn't stop. I just doubled over in the bleachers....
You know when you are scared, and anxious and angry and relieved all at the same time? That was the kind of laughter...Just to get it all out.....
He was being a little one point Jan thought he was going to throw up. Even I panicked over that!
Once people start throwing up I get ill :(

Other than that it was great...
Ummm it was kinda rude...but the FSU fans were yelling at the Miami team and being kinda mean...
I know there is a rivalry but I don't think any good ever comes out of beinfg rude for no reason.

Plus there were kids around so the cussing and foulness were kinda weird...some of the kids looked surprised at what they heard... :(

We definitely could not make it to the other games on Sat and Easter Sunday...Sunday was awesome by the way...I think I am going to LOVE all the holidays coming up...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Beach

It is always good to get away...So away we went......
On the way there we made a pit stop and saw these old people singing folk music..You know like "By and By when I go home" Type songs. It was really interesting..then some server guy came up to ask for a pic too and we said we had to leave...Then we kinda ran away....:)
The beach is so relaxing...I fell asleep LOL!
I had such a good time there...
The only annoying thing is the fishermen...They set up camp right where you want to go swimming...Then of course loonies feeding the birds.

The beach has changed since the hurricanes...Everything is so different now.
I was glad I didn't have to use the bathroom. I would have had to drive to a hotel or something I swear.....
I was insecure about the car at first but by the time we got to Publix I was fine with it.....

Also not that many people were there, so you didn't have to contend with noise etc...
Want to do this more often....

Hi "Mr. Pins" :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The survey I didn't want to put on Myspace

Other Random Stuff About Me
Name:: Marsha
Age:: 30
Height:: 5ft 8 but about 6ft in heels!
Weight:: 135
Right or left-handed:: Right
Your heritage:: African Caribbean
What is your favorite game?: QUESTIONS!
Favorite color:: Purple- all shades
Least favorite color:: Any thing Fluorescent...
Do you like to drive fast?: No
Do you like thunderstorms?: Yes if they are not destructive
What is your sign?: Libra
Do you eat the stems of broccoli?: YEs
What was your first car?: Ford
If you could have any job, what would it be?: Working for myself doing anything I want
Is the glass half full or half empty?: FULL
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: no
What's under your bed?: Nothing
What are your favorite sports to watch?: Soccer
Single biggest intense pain?: Ugh...Lies
The best places you have ever been?: Washington DC, Bahamas, Mexico, Panama, Key West, Grand Cayman, Trinidad
Hamburgers or hot dogs?: Hamburger
What is your occupation?: Grad Program Assistant/Publication developer
What was the last thing you ate?: Half of a chocolate chip cookie
Do you wish on stars?: No. I pray
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: One of the least used. Take that whatever way you want...
Last incoming call on your cell phone?: no cell
Last outgoing call on your cell phone?: no cell
What's your favorite restaurant?: Bone Fish
Favorite food?: Nice
Britney Spears is a skank--agree or disagree?: Disagree
What type of music do you dislike most?: Heavy Heavy Metal
What was the last thing you bought?: A swim suit
Do you take illegal drugs?: No
Does someone have a crush on you?: It wouldn't be a full day if someone didn't hahah
Do you really know all the words to the national anthem?: yes
Favorite drink?: Water
Favorite alcoholic drink?: Apple Martini
Do you believe in love at first sight?: No.
Where were you for Valentine's Day?: Home reading
What's your favorite animal?: Butterfly
What do you think about most?: Books and People
Do you like to play in the rain?: No
Are you a risk taker?: Now I am- Kinda
How many people have you had sex with in '06?: Rude question
When was the last time you had sex?: Rude Question
Ever cheated on a g/f or b/f?: NO
Have you ever been to jail?: NO
How many states have you lived in?: 1
Do you wear contacts or glasses?: Glasses
Hugs or kisses?: Both..hahahah
Living arrangements?: ME!
Who is your best friend?: Erline
What do you sleep in?: depends on the weather
What is your bedtime?: Whenever I am exhausted
Piercings? Tattoos?: No
Biggest pet peeve?: In restaurants when something goes wrong with the order
I have low tolerance for people who....: are pathological liars
Do you sleep with the TV on?: no
Do you have a TV in your bedroom?: no
Are you good at keeping secrets?: Yeh
How do you spell relief?: Senna and Fiber!
Parents still together?: Yeh..but whatever
Can you handle the truth?: Absolutely
Current car?: Ford
Are you in love?: No
Hair color?: Black
What are you afraid of?: The darkness of the minds, hearts and souls of people
Last time you cried?: A while ago
Friend you've had the longest?: Erline
Best friends?: Yes
Favorite car?: Aston Martin
Number of keys on your keyring?: 6
Favorite day of the week?: Thursday
Favorite shampoo?: Pantene Pro V for Women of Color
Day or night?: Both
Best advice you've ever received?: Do things for You
Favorite quote?:
Favorite type of music?: R&B, Pop, Jazz, Rap
Your biggest weakness?: Kids
Biggest fear?: Eh....tired of fear, its dumb
Are you close to your parents?: Mummy
Do you swear?: no not really
Favorite song at the moment?: Gold Digger
Favorite band?: Hoobastank
Do you have sex?: no
Read books?: Yes
Have a religion?: umm I guess
Vegetable you love/hate?: Cabbage/ yellow squash
View on politics?: eh...
Worst habits?: sitting and staring when I am supposed to be entertaining
Do you like to watch porn?: No...
*In a boyfriend/girlfriend*
Hair color?: Doesn't matter
Body type?: Just so long as it's not obese
Personality?: Honest, caring, sweet, mature...I know guys like this
Style of clothing?: just not grungy
Do they have to be popular?: no but not socially inept either
Kiss on the first date?: maybe
Sex on the first date?: No
Take'>">Take this survey Find surveys
Pimp My Profile

These Days

I am thinking about things...and doing a lot more...

I know Toasties is suffering from me not being there hahaahah but something has got to give...

I really liked this pic of me because there is no way for me to rotate it straight in any photo editor.
I have to ask how he held the camera for that shot :)
Meanwhile I am reading '80 Breakfasts' and it's makes me hungry although I don't necessarily want to eat that much.

My fridge has grapes and yogurt and eggs.

I will cook again soon...I have to LOL!

Jan tommorow will be great...Thanks for the comment!
Umm I can't wait for us to wear the Russe Shirts! :)
Gawd that will be something else!
Like Booty dancing to the Sound of Music songs on Saturday....but way hotter LOL!
Hugs M

Monday, April 10, 2006

Umm I dunno....

Friday was a blast...
They totally comped our great dinner because Jan knew the server!
Water shots etc... :)
Kinda surreal too....
I dunno what to make of John H (the haired guy next to me).....I think when people are drunk they kinda behave a lot differently than their real selves but his drunk self made me wonder what his real self was really like.

Anyway Mauricio was cool too and Charlie from the band. You know what was awesome...This is a jazz band and they did Kanye West/ Jamie Foxx's Gold Digger! I loved it to death....
Eric was sweet and took this pic for us.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Note: Milk Duds :)

Thanks Jay

I took this from his bulletin on MYSPACE
Where did you take your default photo? In Syracuse NY at Mikey's Radio Station at Christmas time
Who is the first & second person on your top 8? Jan and Lysa

What are you wearing right now? Jeans and a nice top

What is your current problem? I think the people at Tires Plus messd up my car when they did the alignment and i have no way to prove it :(

What makes you most happy? Being with friends, relaxing, could be different everyday - I Agree with this one

If you could go back in time, and change something, would you? No, everything happens for a reason

Ever have a near death experience? Probably
Name an obvious about you? I'm nice !:)

What's the name of the song that you're listening To? Nothing

Any celeb you would marry? Viggo Mortensen in a heartbeat

Name someone with the same birthday as you? My twin sis!

Do you have a crush on someone? I think so.....

Ever sang in front of a large audience? In a choir, not alone...NEVER alone

What do you order at Starbucks? Don't drink coffee

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? Naomi Campbell...I dunno about that

Do you still watch kiddy movies or kiddie TV shows? Tee hee yeh

Are you comfortable with your height? Yes but taller is nice too..i love heels!

Do you speak any other languages? A little spanish and a little french

What magazines do you read? Essence, Oprah, Gourmet, Food and Wine, Travel.....

Have you ever ridden in a Hummer limo? NO

Has anyone you're really close with you passed away? No

Do you ever watch MTV? nope, not anymore

What's something that really annoys you? Meanness for the sake of being mean

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Got voted off...I am sad about that for her BUT I feel that she is lucky to go home at this stage because American Idol won't pigeonhole her or anything.
She is the only one who was told by the likes of Barry Manilow and Stevie Wonder that they would like her to work with them...So I think she will have a billion offers...
But I still feel sad for her...
She is such a great person!
In her email before the country show she said that she was confident in her song choice, but then that turned out to be her downfall:(
I will send her an email today.....
Hugs M

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

WHAT? The meet and greet haha

So when we meet people now, its way more personable and intense than it was in the past. Suddenly all these email addresses get passed around, we get sang to, blown kisses etc....
It still doesn't stop me from being concerned when I see someone totally wasted and wearing flipflops with broken glasss nearby..... (He was soooo gone and slurred out 'Take my picture you can do whatever you want"
I had to indulge my childish side and get this pic with the Moko Jumbie/ Stilt walker. She was too sweet!

Then we met Wes who sang to us and actually has been to churches that we have been to and knows people that we know there and all of this...
Todd actually stood there for a while looking preppy then moved off when he realized nobody knew who he was...he came up later though and introduced himself....
When WES sang it was great but then it seemed as if the song went on too long...Maybe he was trying to keep us there because some guy who we knew from the dorms walked up and said "Now you guys are straight up pimping!" That was my big laugh of the night.
I don't think we can help it if people want to talk to us.... That doesn't mean we are mackin'!

I loved the street drama and dancing where these two guys got trapped by the same woman to dance (they berated each other for not having each other's back in the was hilarious! Janice was CRYING..she was laughing so hard).
That lady was making the rounds, dancing with everyone...she bumped Jan a couple times, who promptly got mad!
Well then we met Heath who was sweet, took care of our drinks (and Janice's apology shot) and blew kisses at 2 am after we'd been concerned about really drunk guy, and after I had to speak harshly to some other weird guy who was pushing my arm to get my attention BLECH.....
I had a good time though...Heath took this pic, and I was in sensory overload after that.....


Monday, April 03, 2006

Terry McMillan

I saw an interview with her.
I don't really like some of her stories per say but I like her writing style. When I saw her in the interview, I saw that she had within her that talent borne from inner torments and thus the production of the novel "The Interruption of Everything".
She was really severely and awfully hurt by her ex husband Jonathan. You can read anywhere what he did to her and even Oprah was pissed off at him when she had him interview.....He's really awful.....
You could see in Terry's face and the way she moved that she was literally drunk with pain.
Drunk with pain is a bad place to be for a normal person but for one who writes, it is a place of inspiration.......
You write and write and write and cry and cry, to write the pain away....... I think.
I love Terry though...I think I will write to her...and she is a hottie for being born in 1951 and looking great!
Oh well...
Then life goes on and you sell your book and make some money.......but then you do an interview and everyone can still see your pain...

Belly Dancing

Is my new thing.....If Progress (Jan) ever gets made on the burning stuff...I will be set......Jan
Umm how are we gonna handle all this Jay, Vic, You know what else..stuff! :)

So many things

To explore on the of my favorite sites is:

This site has top ten hits of the 80's what the songs mean and the stories behind one Phil Collins song
"Another Day in Paradise", Phil CollinsThis song represents homelessness in America. A woman is wandering the streets, looking for help, because she is hurt. One man ignores her and continues to keep walking away. A second man sees that she's been crying, and she's somehow walking, even though her feet hurt. A third person observes that the wrinkles on her face show that she's seen it all. This song could also represent the late 80s downward spiral of communism in Russia. Listed as a "protest" song.

Someone told me a funny story about a Phil Collins song being about a murder, and the murderer was in the audience looking at him while he sang the song...I laughed till i couldn't breathe...
I love the 80's strikes back!
Hugs M
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