Thursday, March 31, 2016

A good think

Have one

On the water.
So relxing
You will fall into yourself


Non-Newtonian Fluids

 And Water with Dye


We watched the big kids do this one

All these Easter camps!

Tiny was interested but didnt like the goo

It was a tiny misstep to have him watch OObleck beforeb the experiment

  He doesn't want to recreate it at home

We may have to do it at some point but for now the big kids having fun is enough

Now how to explain non newtontian fluids without the cornstarch!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Colony Simulations

Conducting simulation exercises in the pods is very important

So we do them every day

Different sims are programmed into our modules to account for every eventuality

We learn and we teach each other

And we blast em




Still with it

We try not to miss any

The kids seem to benefit from it all

Man' I didn't realize how many times I would have to read the same book in a row!

Have mercy!

Like them!

Some of the Days of Everett Anderson

Me and Tiny





Monday, March 28, 2016

Kite! Kite!

We went Kite flying

We rigged the kite so Tiny could handle it easily

Usually we make our own but this was a present, all the way from Canada! (Thank you so much!).

Kite flying is great because so many people can do it at the same time in the big field without bothering each other

The wind was great

Tiny was a champ among champs

 Running and squealing and having fun

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


You know what?

 Get yourself some of these types of experiences

Just  free yourself UP  ( free yourself from yourself) and do it

I know what I am talking about

Just do it


It is a good thing I did Botany in university
Better yet my mom and 'em used to tell us about all the plants and how to use them

This one is passion fruit

One green fruit and some closed flowers but when the season is on, the juice is so delicious


Just haul off and laugh

Like its going out of style

This kid is me at that age.
Just FYI

Ordinary day

Tiny wanted to ride the bus instead of take a taxi

Ok.. Labour intensive

But fun nonetheless



Besides Christmas, Easter is a whirlwind

SO many things to do and see

Eater is almost as big as Christmas!

Have mercy

 I wish Tiny could experience the egg roll at the White House. I dunno if it would be any better than  what we did but you know, just to meet the Obamas :)

Anyway we went hunting for these eggs.

Tiny did so great

We practiced the day before at home so he knew what to do

He didn't want a real Easter bucket, wanted to use his Minions pail, so there we are

I liked the location but I had to pick up the eggs that they hid in prickly bushes or under benches

Sigh!!!! :)

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