Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Women
My review:
Liked the actresses cast in it
Don't know why they would take these roles, where the characters were so underdeveloped
I didn't believe this group of women were friends
Wish I hadn't watched this movie

The School for Seduction
My review:
Kelly Brook was the only good thing about the movie, and that's because she wore nice clothes and is pretty

The Secret Life of Girls
My review:
I kind of liked it...
It was weird because it really had good potential and I can't figure out where it went wrong. Maybe in editing?

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
My Review:
Very very good movie.
Made me like Ethan Hawke again for his acting...I'd become indifferent after Training Day
Philip Seymore Hoffman and Marisa Tomei were amazing as usual
Oh! This is a depressing movie

La Mujer de Mi Hermano
Was weird. I didn't really like it at all...
The story was a good one that was not told well or acted well at all.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I watched Made of Honor.
Busy Phillips is the breakout star...I have liked her since her Dawson Creek Days.
Umm the movie was predictable
I liked that it showed the great friendship and compatibility, but I mean I've had friends like the guy in the movie and we are great friends, laugh, talk, eat cake off eacjh other's plates, hang out etc.
BUT THERE IS NOOOOO WAY I would ever seriously date them.
Come on! He is such a player! All of a sudden (after 10 years of knowing her) he is gonna change?
I don't think so....


I hadn't heard of the movie before but I looked at it and then rented it because Aaron Eckhart was in it. He is so underrated but so good of an actor.

(And Hot!)

I loved this movie from begining to end.

Angst, overeating, fireworks, swimming, laughing, angst, talking, solutions to problems. It's all there.


I watched My Blueberry Pie nights and really liked it because the whole movie was like a long conversation.

Some of the conversation was dull but what kept me interested was the fact that it was an ongoing conversation.

People talked and people listened. There is too little of that going on in real life.

I liked Norah Jones in it.

I really liked Natalie Portman and I think she stole the show.


I watched this movie because Sophie was in it.

Wow it was not one of my favorites.
In fact it was kinda lame and very Civil rights 101 (watered down even more).

I fast forwarded through most of it...


Pretty bad movie.

I think

This Chris Rock Film was rated R because there are some crude jokes and scenes.

Overall it was really entertaining but it may have been a little tiny bit unrealistic in how it played out

I love Gina Torres, so it was geat seeing her. Chris was funny and Kerry Washington was vampy good.
I don't know if women really do behave like her character though...
Maybe they do..I have no clue

Cry Cry

OK this movie was excellenet.

Kate Winslet was in fine form, but I also really liked Jennifer Connolley in this film.

This one will make you cry from 1/4 way through to the end...
If you really feel you can relate or empathize

It is just sad

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