Thursday, January 19, 2017

Adventures in boating

Tiny likes the sea and boats

It's not a new thing
Just an extension of anything that is a vehicle, he loves

SO we went back to the big ship to send some more time

We had lunch there and read
And played

Then we left and looked at some more boats

When the guys asked him if he wanted to drive the boat he Squealed!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Basket weave

Tiny and I did basket weave today

Had fun saying: Over, Under, Over, Under, Over, Under...

Till the end
Real mats to be made soon

Monday, January 16, 2017

Birthday decorations

Tiny's requested theme this year is trains

So we started making some

I drew them on cardboard and he helped me color

We stuck them on the wall

Next we have to make the hanging trains

We made all steam trains because Tiny prefers those to subway express trains

Then I have to make a big one for sweeties

Gal I can make things because the thought of having to buy this stuff is not good

Sunday, January 15, 2017


We are so blessed

To have this life together


We went on this ship

It's been years since I've gone
Tiny and I spent the longest time navigating

I was surprised

I thought other parents would want  chance and we would have to give way


We played on and on and on

Experimenting with all the  controls on the control panel

Then we moved on

Took in all the other stuff

Tiny was eager to see more

Pulling me along!

But Tiny wants to go back

Just to do some more navigation
I had a great time

Apples, not oranges

A story
Every morning I cut up an apple for Tiny
I found that he would eat the inside and leave the skin with a fair amount of apple attached.
I would just eat what remained BUT...
I was a little concerned so I started peeling the skin off,
I noticed he ate the whole apple then, and I was glad
This morning I asked if he wanted an apple.
He said  "Yes Mama but I want you to leave the skin on"
I asked him if he wanted to eat the skin
He said :No mama, I don't want to eat the skin, but I want you to have some apple to eat too"

I cut up his apple in tears
My sweet boy
I ate the remnants when he was done.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Flying games - For Tiny

This evening before bedtime we played flying game
We flew around singing Spread My Wings by Troop
I had the BEST time with you

Spread my wings
Fly away
To a place that I long for
And my heart will be, the pathway
Searching for love that's evermore!

Also we have to sing Gimme A break more often! LOL!


New imagination games

Lady liberty

The new 100 dollar coin

I love it

Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Can I Say

President Obama and Michelle Obama
I have such respect for these two people

President Obama
I just have to say this is a GOOD man.
A GOOD man.

I want Tiny to be this type of man.
A KIND man
A faithful and truly loving man

A man who can handle things. A man who is fun and loves LIFE

A man who knows that being GOOD, kind and caring may not be advantageous but does it anyway because he knows right from wrong and will not compromise  himself  or his character

A KIND man, a caring man, a respectful, loving, caring man of good character.
Decency and integrity
Not crass, or coarse in his speaking.

Tiny and I talk EVERY DAY about thinking on things that are TRUE, HONEST, JUST, PURE, LOVELY, and of GOOD REPORT.

These are the things that keep a peaceful spirit and help a man treat others well. Regardless of any pressures or stresses he may face
Whatever you feed grows, and the things and issues that are in your heart, come out f your mouth.
THat is how you can tell WHO a person is, by what is in his heart

I am so proud to show Tiny a good example of what a remarkable man should be like.
How a man should demonstrate who he is in this life

The good thing abut him too is that he admits hos flaws and as Michelle says, he does not need to bring a woman down in order to make himself feel good

That is just a minimum too.

He set the bar so high

I was in tears when, in his farewell speech he talked about Michelle and the kids
I have so much more to say but I will save for another time.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Considering swimming

We walked to the pool

Then we sat and looked at it

Then we looked some more

Then Tiny pondered and pondered the kiddie pool
We will keep going back till he feels comfortable to go in

Then we went exploring the rock gardens

Very cool

Tiny is the best company
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