Monday, February 27, 2006

Nitrous and Stephen King

Well I met Stephen King last night. I was the only person who got a pic with him because the organizers of the thing said no pictures but I asked him anyway and he said yes. I love when that happens. There was a long line to get his autograph which I don't really care for anyway but I got in line at the end with my program.
One organizers said to me "He's not going to sign programs"
I said: Did HE say the he wasn't going to sign?"
Organizer: Yes, but you can go run buy a book
I said : I don't want to
Organizer: They take credit card or cheque
I said: Yeh I'm just wanting him to sign my program thanks
Organizer : Well I guess since you are the only one, it's ok
I said : Great thanks!!!
(AS IF! hahahahhahah)
So while we were waiting for the masses of people to get their book signed, we sat in chairs and looked at everyone.
The organizers from the English department (see pics) were so pretentious!
My goodness.
Mark Weingardner (he wrote The Godfather Returns) was really annoying! He just stayed on stage walking back and forth and talking to Stephen while the fans tried to get a word in edgewise!
He kept giving instructions and rules about when to get up on stage for autographs etc. Then he would go stand with this group of OTHER annoying people (see pics-Mark W is in the pinkish tie-he is the bigger guy) on stage who thought they had and 'in' because they were part of the organizing team. Turns out they didn't really have an 'in' because they had to wait till the end to get their books signed AND none of them got a pic with him (because they had to follow the rules and not ask him for a pic) hahhaha!
Umm I gotta say I didn't really like the performance that much but I am a Stephen King fan and I love the way he writes.
All the fans were so happy when he signed their books. I love this stuff
So an interesting thing that happened was that while Mark Weingardner was standing next to stephen, and I was standing up there listening to the conversation (hahahh), Stephen turns to Mark and says "That Mario Puzo (author of The Godfather) was something else wasn't he?!"
OMGoodness! Mark grunted back "Yeh"
Seriously it serves him right for writing a sequel to the Godfather. That would be like me deciding to write a sequel to the Bible or something (not that the Godfather even comes close to the Bible but you get what I mean). I almost fell over trying to stifle my laughter!
Then Stephen says (because there was like only 9 of us left in the Auditorium- with me and my friend Mark being the only ones who were really not supposed to be there-hahha): "Why don't we get high on Nitrous and watch Mommy Dearest!" He had a sly and amused look on his face when he said it and everyone laughed.
Except Me and Mark...We thought it was weird....I didn't get it at all.....
Hugs M

I love it!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ashes Remain

Rafael is really so insightful. I think people take him for granted because he is so friendly.

I always think that people who choose carefully what they say (as opposed to people who just lie) and are just friendly to all..keeping things on an even keel, have the most going on in their heads, and those are the people I most like to talk to.

Raphael is one of those, though I never see him often enough and when I do, there are always so many other people trying to get his attention too!
The great thing is that when he does take a break and talks, he always has something great to say.

Like remembering old hurts etc. His insightful and sensitive take on the whole thing is that TIME heals only some things, and he said this in Spanish but I will write it in English.
Where there was once fire, the ashes still remain. great. I know some wonderful people.....
Hugs M

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Garrison: It's all about Butter!

Garrison Keillor was one of my favorite people to meet. His performance last night was phenomenal. He had everyone laughing the whole way through!
I have to say that I am going to NOW start listening to him all the time on NPR. He is really one of the most intelligent people I ever met. Mark was excited when we got to the show. He kept talking on and on about how he listens to him on NPR.
So after the show Mark bought a book for Garrison to sign.
It's strange how people go to get autographs and never bring a camera. I ALWAYS do.
To me pics are more important than signatures.
He asked me how to spell my name and I said "...with SHA"
...he said "Ah the northern spelling is CIA"
Then I said "My twin sister's name is spelled CIA"
Then he said "Maybe I'm Wrong"
You had to be there...It was sooo funny!
Anyway he asked me if I was a student and I told him about my food science thing. He said "So you will figure out how to make that food that is good for you but people crave."
I said "YES!"
I was so glad I didn't have to explain a whole lot of stuff to him with everyone standing there. HE already knew!
So I took my pic with him etc, but when I was leaving and he was signing more autographs, he yelled out to me!
Everyone in line laughed. It was great! He only did that with me!
I love him! hahah
A lot of people think they don't know who this guy is (author of Lake Wobegone Days), but they really do...check out the link.
He was nominated for a grammy this year too for spoken voice performace….but Barak Obama won
Hugs M

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Al Jarreau's Roadie Is Cool!

Well after the concert last night, we waited by Al Jarreau's tour bus to meet him. While we were waiting we saw Avis, this jazz singer I met last year and took a pic with. We talked about the concert for a while and when she would be performing next, then they left.
When they were gone the roadie came up and told us that Al wouldn't be taking the bus that night with them and that if we went round to the stage door he would open up for us and we could meet Al!
I was so excited!
So he opened up for us and told us where to go backstage and Al was waiting by the door!
Backstage sucks by the way. It's a dorky little room where everything looks all hard and uncomfortable..but whatever.

Al was sensational!!!
He greeted us like we were old friends! He said "Hey! Hey! What's up you guys!"
Since we were the only fans that went there at that time we got to talk to him for a while.
Oh My Gosh....I can't stand this. Anyway.
He took pics with us and it was great. Who knew he would be so nice. I owe it to the great roadie who was tremendously sweet!
Al is very funny too, if you can't tell from the pics. For people who don't know he sang the theme song for Moonlighting (that is the best way I can explain who he is).
Hugs M

Monday, February 20, 2006

Broken Word: Roscoe and Anthony and ME!!!

Okay! Here goes...
Remember how I talked about Behind the Broken Word in January? If you don't then CHECK THIS OUT! Scroll down to January 10th, 2006!
Well the two main performers Roscoe Lee Browne and Anthony Zerbe were tremendous. I love them to death. Before I met them, I took a walk in the art gallery at Turner Auditorium and I really liked this piece.
There were a couple others that I really liked but I wanted to go ahead and meet these guys. Remember Anthony was in Cool Hand Luke as well as Papillon(with Steve McQueen) and even newer The Matrix, as well as TONS of other movies.

Roscoe Lee Browne was on the Cosby Show, and even newer Will and Grace and a TON of other movies and TV shows.
Well they both had great personalities!
Roscoe was so funny and cheeky and called me Miss Pretty. He talked to my friend Mark and said "Oh, you are the young man with the camera...You guys are tricky!" I love him.

Anthony Zerbe was sublime! He said "Hello Beautiful!" when I came up to him (I didn't hear him say that to anyone else- and believe me I was listening to his conversations)!
I told him I love Papillon and he said "Well you know I look a lot different now, my skin has changed!" Love him!

Needless to say I am going to rent Papillon on DVD, since I had ordered and returned the Steve McQueen box set and calendar last year and now regret that I didn't keep it....
You know what's interesting? Well these guys are just so nice! You never know what you are going to get when you meet a celebrity...Anthony was even asking if the performance was too long. My friend Mark said "No it was just right," and Anthony said...."Well I know you're not gonna tell me to my face it sucked!" Then he laughed!
I LOVE these guys.
Anthony said he is going to Starbucks today so I may go there at lunch time and see if he is around!
Hugs M

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Running from the Papparazzi!

Here are pics of my friend Mark being chased by papparazzi i.e. me with my huge digi-cam in the parking lot after church last night..... :)
We went there for a talk on healthy eating at this guest church and after I pretended to be papparazzi trying to get pics and an interview. So here is what happens when you are famous... The run is the best!

So Anyway......

Well remember how I am rooting for Mandisa Hundley as American Idol?
Yeh, you remember. Lol
Well I said she was a sweet person with great love for God and she is really gracious as evidenced last night on IDOL when she talked to Simon.
Simon really dogged Mandisa Hundley during auditions.
He said: “You didn’t need a bigger stage but you could have used a bigger chair,”
She said: “You hurt me. You made me cry. But I’ve forgiven you.”
Then they hug.
He doesn’t do anything untoward.
He said: “I feel one millimeter small so I will carry on,” Simon added.
Lovely person!
She tamed him, with her grace! I love it!
Hugs M

Monday, February 13, 2006

Singled Out

I went to a game show called Singled Out and it was very very funny. When we went into the auditorium they asked us if we wanted to be contestants. I didn't know what contestants would have to do so I didn't sign up (I don't like rude surprises). I was really glad I didn't sign up after all. Even though the host was funny he referred to the contestants as losers etc. He was joking but I think I would have walked off the stage if I had been up there and heard him say that. I am really not a good 'sport' when it comes to stuff like that.
Some of the girls that went up there looked bored!

Well the premise of the thing is that they have a chair in the middle of the stage and they bring a girl or guy out to sit there blindfolded. If a girl sits there, then a bunch of guys go on stage and answer questions till it dwindles down to two guys.
Then the questions get more specific with those two (the girl writes her answers down on the board before they answer) until one guy gets two of three questions right. Then he wins a date with the girl. If they put a guy up there on the chair a bunch of girls line up.
Umm except for this one guy who went up with the guys AND the girls....

Well all was going fairly well up on the stage except when it came to the golden ticket. The guy or girl in the chair had a golden ticket (which was really a two by four with obscene writing on it) ,which they had to give to someone they really liked who was getting booted off for answering the question wrong.
Well one guy up there tried to give it to a girl and she refused and walked off the stage. She didn't even say no, just shook her hear and walked off.
I think that guy felt it deep.
It wasn't the same for him after that.
He lost his pep on stage.
He wasn't the same person.
That was strange to me because before all of that went down he was kinda being all arrogant and shooing girls he didn't find attractive off the stage. I guess it's different when the tables get turned, and everyone in the audience is going "OOOOOOHHHHHHH!" Anyway he didn't seem all that pleased with who he won (whatever). I thought she was great though...really smart and fun up on stage.
The girl who had to win some guys didn't seem too pleased either.
You had to be there. I laughed almost the whole time.

Then there was a guy up there who you could just tell was a major A-hole (Jan he was a business major) when he came on stage. The host asked him if he was Cuban and he said "Heck no!" Everyone in the audience was shocked and asking each other what the heck was up with this guy. They all booed when he said tha,t and he put his hands to his mouth (see pic) and said "Oh should I have not said that?"
So from then on I think everyone wanted him to fail. He had a friend in the back telling him what answers to say etc and which side the cute girls were on etc...He still ended up getting/ winning the guy...It was tremendous because the audience was telling the guy what answers the A-hole wrote down. I loved it. The audience was screaming and laughing and stomping. One girl next to me yelled out "Yeh, you better take what you can get because that is all there is for you buddy!"
Then he had to hug the guy he won at the end. I am glad there is justice in the world! The guy in the brown coat that he won looked so happy. I felt sorry for him...he would have to go out with that 'guy'. I don't usually call people names like at all that but this guy was the worst! Everything he said or did was a putdown to someone....


Friday, February 10, 2006

Fibonacci and me

I really like Diana Eng. I think she is a really talented designer. I would only wear a few things that she makes of course because when you incorporate technology and fashion, only a few things are really easy to wear.
Recently I found that she had been using Fibonacci sequence in her designs (see the shawl in the pic- That's Diana's- so is the dress of course), and they were wonderful to look at so I decided to use it in jewelry making. I recently started using more and more wire in combination with beads and was really successful in a couple bracelets I made for Jan so I wanted to try Fibonacci and see how it turned out.
So far I have only drawn the design of the next bracelet and necklace but I think it will turn out great.
Let me give a brief description of the sequence so everyone can know.
It's basically a simple sequence, where every number is the sum of the two numbers preceeding it.
So the result is: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34

What I did with my design is that I did a double and reversal. Easy stuff: I start one end with 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 then finish with 5, 3, 2, 1 , 1 and clasp.

I don't know why I didn't think of using Math before with my designs. I have been going crazy trying to learn silly loops, twists and braids etc when I could have just stuck to the basics. Thanks Diana!
Hugs M

Thursday, February 09, 2006

American Idol-Mandisa

So remember how I said my friend Mandisa got through to Hollywood for American Idols? well they left her audition for last last night and she ROCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so excited.
I like Mandisa, that girl whose aunt is a famous singer and that guy with the greay hair who sings so great.
MAN! he reminds me of Joe Cocker and Michael McDonald all in one! Well I looked through all 355 pics on the American Idol website and got these three of Mandisa when they were doing the tour.
She is always smiling so sweetly and I think she has great style too. I can never pull off shades, my nails are kinda ratty and ponchos don't look good on me at all. Last night she started off with her hair pulled back and then for dramatic flair she pulled off her hair clip and flung her hair. People in the audience were standing and cheering.....
Very lovely person....I hope she gets to the end (if it's meant to be), or where she needs to be in order to make her music career get to the heights that it was intended to go.
Hugs M

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Coretta Scott -King's Funeral

Was really sad to watch.
I liked Malaak Shabazz's (eldest daughter of Malcolm X), 'speech' best of all.
She gave insight into the two families at the time of their struggles, and into the kindness and thoughtful nature of Coretta Scott-King.
Malaak is also a great and insightful speaker. Maybe I will meet her one day.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fun with Football

Ok, so I think football is boring, but Jan and Mark do not. So they went out to see the superbowl, I went with them and was kinda bored. I talked almost all the way through and before the game we played Boy, Girl, Place, Thing and one round each of Mansion, House, Shack etc........
The best part is going to the superbowl thing is people watching of course. For instance this couple joined this guy who was alone at the table next to us. They needed to sit there because there were no more tables. So he let them sit there and he ended up talking to the girl a lot when her boyfrined went to get drinks, or food, or went to the bathroom. I thought that that was interesting. The guy who was at the table first would kinda seem really pleased when the boyfriend left. The boyfriend (in the cap and Palomalu steelers shirt) wasn't totally clueless though. He sat really really close to his girlfriend, talked sporadically with the guy(see his jacket draped on the back of the chair) and touched her back and hair a lot (probably so the first guy could see and remember).

In the second instance, we saw some girls there that we had seen the night before at Los. Once again they were a little bit (or a lot) drunk and once again, one of the girls spilled her drink all over the table and on her friend.

Then there was a table of older people. I am not going to talk too much about it but I didn't like that the ladies wore 'mom jeans'. I really truly detest those.

So remember I said I talked a lot during the game? What does a diehard sports fan, who is your good friend do while you are talking during the superbowl?
Answer: He tries to ignore that you are talking......
But then he can't ignore all of it because he has to answer questions too about the plays its hilarious, and your friend Jan takes a pic of the progression of it all and its even better! Later he says, "I was ignoring it, it didn't bother me one bit!"
Hugs M

Monday, February 06, 2006


One of the guys on Kanye West's album was supposed to come perform on Friday, so we made plans to se him. Jan and Mark met me at my place, ate some food (see food blog) and we headed out to see him...When we got there they said that his flight had been cancelled due to the weather. We stayed anyway. The crowd/audience was really interesting. The guys were checking out the girls there, the girls were more or less ignoring the guys and everybody looked all sparkly. That could be because of the clothes or the fact that I was feeling a little bit ill.
There were tons of poets from Black Talk Cafe (Thurday Nights at Mt. Zion Calypso cafe), but this time they didn't have the hissing eggs. For anybody who doesn't know about hissing eggs. With this type of poetry, you usually don't applaud the performers you hiss or shake these eggs that have small beads in them.

This time we had to applaud because they had to schedule performers at the last minute. There was a DJ playing great stuff too...they were headed to Floyd's Music Store afterward for some party.

I enjoyed myself because some of it was good and some of it sucked. When things suck its more fun because you get to laugh more. I think Jan and Mark liked it too! Jan liked it more because of the parts that really blew/sucked though!
After that we went back to my place to watch a movie...They left at 2 am or something and I was glad I didn't have to drive... Tee Hee....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Anime (Brigitte!)

I have a friend who likes Japanese Anime so this will be my ode to that.
Well I like the cartoons and everything but I am not a hardcore fan. I don't really follow it at all.
I like the ones late at night (you know at 2 am) that are really dramamtic and kinda sci fi. But I would have to say that my all time favorite was Samuri Pizza Cats (see pic). That was the funniest cartoon in the history of cartoons (besides Here Comes the Grump, and Danger Mouse).

I was always interested in why the eyes were so big in Japanese anime. They always took up half the face and the nose and mouths were tiny! Remember on your box of coloured pencils in primary school, all the boxes had these anime people. ALL the pencil cases and everything had them. For a long time we all wanted to look like that I think.

I always liked the school ones and the sci -fi ones where they are in outer space but I really dislike when it's supposed to be all about real people and they have talking animals in there with the people, or aliens with weird shapes.

The funny thing is that they drew a lot of the characters really well. The hot guys looked like hot guys, and the pretty girls looked like pretty girls.
But when it came to romance, oh my goodness! The lines were corny, the men's voices were too gruff and the girl's voices were always way too silly. It was really very unbelieveable and kinda embarrassing. Maybe they are doing a better job of it these days. I haven't seen a show in a long time.
Hugs M

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Anderson Cooper

I never mention who I really like because I don't want people to think my taste is one track but one of the people I really like a lot is Anderson Cooper. He is a great journalist. He cares about people a lot and ending poverty and sickness all over the world. I love his blog too! It's really down to earth and he loves Washington D.C . Which I love too! I really want to meet this guy one day. Plus I think he is Hot!

I rarely say stuff like that but the combination of this guy's, brains, kind spirit, looks, talent, everything makes him....Lovely!
You know how some guys just remain in the cute status then that fades because there is nothing to back it up..... (their personality kinda sucks but you don't really say anything because it's a hassle).

Well everytime I see Anderson on TV, he seems more and more alluring. Maybe I will write him a letter. I have written some of my favorite celebs letters and emails and have received great replies all the time. So he will be next on my list. I am thinking that he will be very interesting and probably (from how he writes on his blog) a lot of fun to talk to. He must have scads of great stories because he is the son of Wyatt Emory Cooper artist, designer, writer, and railroad heiress Gloria Vanderbilt
Check out what he says in one of his blogs....

......It's always kind of surreal coming to Washington, D.C., for major events like this. It's such a completely different atmosphere than anywhere else....Oops I gotta move. A bomb-sniffing dog needs to sniff my desk. I will blog more later.

So cool, so smart, so fun and so deep. His dad died at the age of 50 after a bout of heart attacks and then his brother committed suicide. HE had this to say about the loss and how it affected his decision to become a journalist.

"Loss is a theme that I think a lot about, and it’s something in my work that I dwell on. I think when you experience any kind of loss, especially the kind I did, you have questions about survival: Why do some people thrive in situations that others can’t tolerate? Would I be able to survive and get on in the world on my own?"

You know how when you are affected by some kind of pain and so you put yourself in situations (knowingly or not) that help you to re-live and work through them in different ways so you don't necessarily have to face YOUR particular pain head on....Well There you go
...I know I will meet him one day soon...I really want to!
Hugs M

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Not Another One For a While

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Need more Vitamin E lotion.
2. How much cash do you have on you?HAHA About $12.
3. What's a word that rhymes with "flu". Clue.
4. Favorite planet? Earth
5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone? I don't have a cell phone
6. What is your favorite ring on your phone? SAA
7. What shirt are you wearing?A black close fitting one
8. Do you "label" yourself? No. It would be too long a label.
9. Name the brand of your shoes you're currently wearing: Steve Madden? I'm too lazy to look.
10. Bright or Dark Room? Dim
11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you? She's pretty cool, although we never really talk.
12. Favorite vacation?Anywhere warm.
13. What were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping. I was really tired.
14. What did your last text message you received on your cell say? I think I am the only person in the world without a cell.
15. Where is your nearest 7-11?About 5 blocks down the street, and I am really scared of it. I never go there!
16. What's a word that you say a lot? "Really?!!" I am always finding out new things (Mikey would say it's "Ooooohhhhh")
17.Who told you they loved you last? LALA :)
18. Last furry thing you touched? Oooh, this black puff thing that Jan gave me that has glitter embedded in it. You rub it on your skin before you go out and you look all sparkly. I love it!
19. How Many Drugs Have You Done In The Past three Days? None
20. How many roles of film do u need to get developed? I haven't used my film camera in years. Digital all the way baby!
21. Favorite age you have been so far?I'm happy where I am.
22. Your worst enemy?No one. I don't have time for drama
23. What is your current desktop picture? Winter fir trees
24. What was the last thing you said to someone? "Thanks so much.Bye"
25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly, which would you choose?The money.
26. Do you like someone? I like lots of people. But I get the meaning of the question and right now no. I get over stuff like that really really fast fast. (Right Jan?) :)
27. Last song you listened to? Unpredictable

And now:
8 firsts, 7 lasts, 6 evers, 5 things...
8 Firsts...
First Best Friend: Nicole
First Kiss: Eh
First Screen Name: ???.
First Pet: No pets. My brother had fish.
First Piercing: My ears when I was 21, which I let closeup because they were a pain to maintain.
First Crush: Jason Bateman. Seriously. Remember that show he was in with Trisha Cast? (It's Your Move)
First Music: R&B and Disco and Country (loved Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton)from the 60's and 70's, that mummy had on the radio
First Car: Ford. I don't think I like Ford vehicles

7 Lasts...
Last Cigarette: EW never!
Last alchoholic beverage: Sangria on Saturday
Last Car Ride: I rode to work.
Last Kiss: LALA :)
Last Movie Seen: Hope Springs (with the Lovely Colin Firth)
Last Phone Call: I called Sandy.
Last CD Played: Fighting Temptations Soundtrack

6 Have You Evers....
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: No
Have You Ever Broken the Law: No way
Have You Ever Been Arrested: No.
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: No
Have You Ever Been on TV: I don't think so.

5 Things....
5 Things You're Wearing: Necklaces, Ring, Watch, Pants. Shoes.
5 Things You've Done Today: Read. Talked to Gwen. Drank Water. Sent Email. Listened to Tom Joyner.
5 Things You Can't Live Without: Books, Paraway Pack, Hobbies, Zoning out, my cool friends.
5 Places You've BeenHere: Well Washington DC (one of My favorites), New York (great stuff), New Orleans (I could take it or leave it), Miami (I had fun but eh), Tampa (the Roti was the best part- I couldn't deal with some of the people I met there).

4 Favorite things In NO Order:.
1. Beads
2. Reading
3. Writing
4. Fiber

3 People You Can Tell *Almost* Anything To:
1. Jan
2. Marcia
3. Erline.

2 Choices...
1. Black or White: Neither
2. Hot or Cold: Hot.

Here's Another One

1. Thing You Want to Do Before you die: Travel so much I get tired of it

And another one:
1) When was the last time you went to the bathroom outside? Hahaha Only a few people know this story
2) When was the last time you saw one of your parents? Couple years.
3) Which family member do you most resemble. Mummy
4) Do you wear cologne/perfume? Yes- Amarige de Givenchy and Bath and Body works stuff
5) Do you wear deodorant?Yes.
6) Do you clean up nice? That's what they say...
7) When was the last time you tripped and fell? I trip sometimes but last time I fell from it was when I was 19. I fell and slid down a hill at the zoo.
8) Where was the last place you slept besides your home? Janice's house
9) What are you listening to right now? A documentary on food and how certain foods help the body to work better.
10) Have you ever started an uncontrollable fire? No.
11) Ever run out of gas on the road? No. I wouldn't like that at all
12) Would you rather cut the grass or rake the leaves? Rake leaves because they are pretty, they crackle and don't smell so green.
13) Your middle name spelled backwards: Lerual
14) What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? Macromedia Flash Player 8
15) Last time you swam in a pool? Couple Years. Ocean is nicer
16) Have you ever been in a school play?Yes
17) How many kids do you want? 3, but not right now.
18) Type of music you dislike most? Metal.
19) You registered to vote?Yes.
20) You have cable?Yes but not the music channels or sports. I don't really have use for them
21) Ever prank call anybody?Yes, when I was 8 years old and it was really funny.
22) Best friend?Yes
23) Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? Um, no.
24) Do you have a garden?No, but I am going to grow a Bonsai in my Apartment.
25) What's your favorite comic strip?Luann and I still follow it after all these years. I get the strip every day in email hahahha
26) Bath or Shower, morning or night? Shower. Morning and Night sometimes a lot in summer
27) Best movie you've seen in the past two weeks? A History of Violence
28) Favorite pizza topping? Sausage
29) Chips or popcorn? Chips I guess.
30) Have you ever smoked? No! Nasty!
31) Orange Juice or apple? Orange.
32) Favorite chocolate bar? 3 Musketeers
33) When was the last time you voted at the polls? A while
34) Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? When I was 16 or so maybe.
35) Are you a good cook? Sure.
36) Ever order anything from an infomercial? No. But I want the QVC printer cartridge refill bottles and syringe filler
37) Sprite or 7-Up? Water
38) Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work?No, but to school
39) Ever thrown up in public?No, but in prep school (age 4) Jerome threw up on me and two other girls. The teacher was mad (I think because his parents were rich expatriats), and we were excused from class to get cleaned up and jump around so our uniforms got dry.
40) Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love? Millionaire
41) Do you believe in love at first sight? No, but there are a lot of attractive people out there
42) Can ex's be friends? Sure.
43) Who was the last person you visited in a hospital? Mark with chest pains.
44) Did you have a lot of hair as a baby?Yes.
45) What message is on your answering machine? "Leave a message please, goodbye" Pretty simple.
46) What do you think about most? What assignment I have to do next. At home: Personal things.
47) Favorite form of travel? Rail
48) Ever drink rotten milk?No.
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