Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Tiny singing:

"You decorated my life, created a world with you in my heart...."

I take full responsibility.....

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Conversations with Tiny

We were playing with cars, Tiny holds up one finger
Tiny: One is not emotional
Me: really?
Tiny shakes his head and holds up two fingers
Tiny: Two is emotional
Me: Yes I think two years old is an emotional time
Tiny shakes his head and say: Oh yes
Me: Do you think three will be emotional?
Tiny: No
Me: Ok let's wait and see, but you are doing a great job with two so far!
Tiny sings: You decorated my life...


Thursday, June 23, 2016


We are taking this class together

Not traditional

BUT Tiny seems to enjoy it even though he is the only child there

I think I am doing ok inn it

I like the teacher

It's interesting

The seven

Every time we play, we can write a story

Maybe about trains and space

Or Helicopters

Or playing
Or Whatever we want

Then we read them again before story time

Sometimes for actual story time

Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Rockets, planets






Anything with wheels





Wilderness indoors



TIny set up the races

The fans in the stands while the cars raced

Vroom Vroom

The cars get turns winning

The fans in the stands are doing the most! LOL

THe raaces have become a thing
So good

Country Fair

This was really good

We were too busy running around to get pics of everything though

But thr fair had good food, books clothes and a bunch of games

Tiny and I went to all the games

We won some cool stuff

I had a great time there

Tiny had his first bike ride.
He was so excited and we just rode around and around
The next day, Tiny wanted to go again! LOL

Friday, June 17, 2016

For Tiny

Tiny, today we went for your checkup
You didnt want to go at first
But we went, and I prepared you for what was going to happen, so you marched in there like a champ
You had a toffee from the food lady across the street
You were only supposed to  have a small bite but when you bit it you liked it so much, you ate the whole sweetie
Really slowly
Looking at it before every bite and smiling
I had to let you enjoy it
But no more for a few years!

The best part of today was all the hugs
Also when we stopped to eat after your checkup and took a bunch of hilarious pictures.
I will l post some later

Then we shared two apples and watched Pentatonix
Love you so much sweet baby!

Thursday, June 02, 2016


Tiny wanted the book

So I wrote and illustrated it

Ok I know I gotta get it done professionally
But He wanted it the same day he asked for it
It was a rush job
We have read this book fifty eleven times since I  finished it
Glad he likes it!

Experiment Day : Surface Tension with pepper

We know that soap breaks surface tension
SO we revisit the experiment using black pepper
Tiny did this all himself too
Water topped with Black pepper

Touched with a soapy finger

Surface tension broken

Pepper scoots away.

I think we used too much pepper so we will redo it with less next time

Experiment day : Density

This was a whale of an experiment

Tiny was delighted and so was I
Density experiment

Oil, water, coloring and fizzy tab

Oil floats on water

Add color
It bubbles and sinks slowly
Great effect
 Add fizzy tab

Get virtual explosion of color

Lava lamp!
Pictures don't do it justice
You should see the videos

Tiny did everything himself under my supervision

Camping with pics

Here we are

Early morning

Lights off

Under the tent

Flashlights in hand

Playing imagination games


Seeing the moon and stars and astronauts and comets

Space shuttles
And all else

 Running from the howling of wolves



Being alive

Loving life

I love this life!
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