Friday, April 29, 2016


Today was so great
We went to your favorite place, looked at the big train
Ran down two sets of inclines
Played Wheel of Fortune six times (YOU PICKED THE LETTERS AND WE WON 4 OF 6!)
Got you a tiny ring  to wear on our right hand like mine
Got a fruit bowl for you, which you only ate the grapes out of- more watermelon for me
Got your dinner and we sat and ate together at the WE ARE TRAPPED INSIDE place
WE people watched and car watched (we saw a helicopter too) and discussed all we saw while chair dancing to all the music at the eatery.
Then you laughed and laughed every time you tried to feed me some of yours and I pursed my lips no!
Then you said: "Mama's amazing!"
AND WE BOTH LAUGHED our heads off right there in front of everybody!

Remember this when you are older
Don't you worry about laughing and having fun no matter where you are. Everybody else was just sitting and eating looking somber. I had so much fun with you!
Laugh and smile and be happy.
Just be Happy
Be joyful, no matter your life circumstance
Love Love love you AHCHA TROOPPER JACKDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016


So want to see this movie
Barack and Michelle Obama first date movie 

Southside With You

These two make me so happy
Kindness runs though them
Nit enough can be said about some genuine kindness

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

One time only

I am only writing this to remember

SSDP is taking up a lot of time but it is all ours so I have nothing but love for it
Paperwork is A LOT

I am getting a fair amounts of invites and interest  from people who want to just hang out.
I can't do it
No new friends right now (Thanks Drake)
I can't do it. No time and I'm not feelin it

Meanwhile we are really into exploring.
Life is just like it was before except I am different an  the places are different.

Gotta wait till Tiny is 4.
I promised him I would and I will keep the promise.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Just before Tiny's bedtime I said
"I have a surprise."
He looked up at me from playing with his toys
Then he smiles and dashes on to the bed
I come in with the mixed berry package
He squeals and we do our little excited dance
He opens the package and we start eating
At the end he licks his fingers and puts his hands in the bag to get the strawberry crumbs
It's a lot!
He stares at it then eats it
Then he says
"I love sharing strawberry crumbs with you mama!"

I give him a hug and we go wash up before story time
My baby baby baby...

We save the packages in books to remember our time.

Book for me

The very next book I want to get and read

Iyanla Vanzant Super Soul Sunday Trust


If this is going to be a movie, I hope its a good one


Its a big yes for me

I like the cinematography

And the spirit behind it

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Peace is a quiet in your heart

Build games

This is a game

Tiny won and we didn't let him win

After he won he proceeded not to care because there was more fun in building

 A good winner :)

Meanwhile I love the cute result

They make the cutest things for kids to play with


Presents from afar (Germany)

Wooden tracks and accompanying accessories

Moveable train

Then tinker toy trains

Wind up

Classic vintage and

Modern rails

He learned em and got em

More stories there too

Man down!

Well and truly down

In the field

Th wind wasn't as strong that day but we went out anyway

There is always something beautiful to see

Or some new adventure to have

So there we are :)


Experimental Colors

We finally got red from the store

We lined them up and started to mix

Clearly we added too much blue, so we couldn't see the color change clearly

The blue was too intense.

So we started over

We saw what we needed to see
Color change

THEN we made our volcanoes with Blue and Yellow

Baking Soda and Vinegar from our acid and base reaction

Salt, water and gas product

We mixed them and had a gusher with green! 



New story time

SO when we draw these pics, we continue the story by saying THEN WHAT?

The then what gets turned into a pic until we get a story book

Then we start a new one

It goes really really fast so we gotta watch out or we will have hundreds of pages

But I like where it's all going

We tell the story back to each other

Tiny mainly likes when I do the telling but he helps a lot too

This is like the funnest thing ever!


Experiment Domino effect

Transfer of energy

I explained all of that  and I hope it sticks

Equal transfer though equidistant, uniform blocks

Then bllllllllluuuurp

Down they go
That is the part we love best!
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