Saturday, October 31, 2009


Morris Chestnut is gonna be on:


Ahh yes

Life is good :)

And scary

Friday, October 30, 2009


This dude is hilarious (Rallo)
and he is actually
Mike Henry by Gage Skidmore.jpg
THIS dude!

I may live to regret liking this character...but so far so good :)



Comic book

Only 4.00 dollars


Gonna get it!
Michelle watch blog is so cool too!

Along with Style :First Lady


Still really like Tracee Ellis Ross...

I wish they would bring back her show
Girlfriends, Persia White, Tracy Ellis Ross, Jill Marie Jones, Golden Brooks

I miss seeing all of them on TV.
They are total ballers and shot callers!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Currently watching again

© Steve Pica For

So funny. So true and so good.

So cool

This model was in the new R& B video
Found out she won the Elle Model Search in Canada a while ago
Grache and I think her last name is Mahary.
New models are great, and I like her look

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was really interested in taking Proust's questionnaire and so I decided to put some answers down here.
It's interesting


Confidences questions

My answers 1890

Your favorite virtue

The principal aspect of my personality


Your favorite qualities in a man.

The quality that I desire in a man.

Kindness borne out of sensitivity and empathy

Your favorite qualities in a woman.

The quality that I desire in a woman.

Strength of character

Your chief characteristic


What you appreciate the most in your friends

What I appreciate most about my friends.


Your main fault

My main fault

Walking away

Your favourite occupation.

My favorite occupation.


Your idea of happiness

My dream of happiness.

Surrounded by goodness

Your idea of misery.

What would be my greatest misfortune?

Surrounded by negative, crass, critical people always

If not yourself, who would you be?

What I should like to be.

The Me that people see and like that I don't necessarily know exists

Where would you like to live?

The country where I should like to live.

Wherever I can see pretty things all the time

Your favourite colour and flower.

My favourite colour.

Gold, Daisy

The flower that I like.


My favorite bird.

Robin (with good reason)

Your favorite prose authors.

My favorite prose authors.

Oscar Wilde, Saki

Your favorite poets.

My favorite poets.

Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Wanda Phipps, Gwendolyn Brooks

Your favorite heroes in fiction.

My heroes in fiction.


Your favorite heroines in fiction.

My favorite heroines in fiction.

Cassie Logan

Your favorite painters and composers.

My favorite composers.

Renoir, Vivaldi

My favorite painters.


Your heroes in real life.

My heroes in real life.

Anybody with gentleness of spirit who builds up others with their words and kindnesses.

Your favorite heroines in real life.

Anybody with gentleness of spirit who builds up others with their words and kindnesses.

What characters in history do you most dislike.

Your heroines in World history

My heroines in history.

Slave and black women who endured and persevered

Your favorite food and drink.

Water and any Spicy exotic food

Your favorite names.

My favorite names.

Naomi, and french names

What I hate the most.

What I hate most of all.

Meanness and mean spiritedness for its own sake

World history characters I hate the most

Historical figures that I despise the most.

History shapes the future so I am not sure

The military event I admire the most

The military event that I admire most.

Battle against the Midianites

The reform I admire the most

The reform which I admire the most.

The natural talent I'd like to be gifted with

The gift of nature that I would like to have.

Along with the others I've been given, drawing.

How I wish to die

How I want to die.


What is your present state of mind.

My present state of mind.


For what fault have you most toleration?

Faults for which I have the most indulgence.

The one that I indulge in the most. Needing to be alone.

Your favorite motto.

My motto.

I have two. Keep on moving. Do a kindness.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Expressive Eyes

Ok, yes, I like Viggo Mortensen.
A lot.
But it's not just because people say he is sexy etc
It is more than that
I have read a lot of interviews and things he has said about himself, and he is the TYPE of person I really would like.
His April 2009 interview was one of the best for learning more about him as he is right now.
I notice the similarity of thinking and ways of being.
He says this:
"I don't like people who get into fights about football - or anything else. But I share the passion of the fans for this team, that's for sure."
When asked:
Do you work on relationships?

He says:
"I don't always. When there is conflict it's good to step away, even for five minutes, because you could say terrible things that you can't take back, so it's best to walk away,"

Then he says (which surprised me and shocked me but I was glad he was honest)

" If I am sucked in and don't walk away I become very destructive,"

Then he goes on.
"I say things that are personal, that I don't really mean, because if somebody hurts you, you want to hurt them instinctively, go for something you know is going to really upset them."

I was glad he was honest but then I felt a little down. Because when someone does this, just the one time, I am usually done with them. I try really hard to watch what I say to people especially in high stress situations so someone who hauls off and goes for the jugular?
This I can't deal with.

It goes on and is better.
He is so open.
When asked if he has to have the last word in an argument
"Only if I get really incensed. It usually has to do with fairness, or if I feel I've been cornered or misrepresented, then I will lash out.
That is a little similar to me...

He goes on
It's good to have the presence of mind to say: 'Can I call you back? Let me take a break and go for a walk.' Always better."

About relationships he says this...I was so surprised because it is EXACTLY what I would say.

"As soon as it's going well you think: 'We've cracked it.'

It's not going to stay that way.

That person that you love so much and understands you so well, suddenly the next day they say something, and you think: 'They don't really know me well at all.'"

And is that most important to you - to be known by somebody?
That somebody really gets you?
I am cautious about it, but when I connect strongly I want to be honest with that person, risky as it is, and I want them to be honest with me...

On forgiveness he says this....It's exactly how I feel. Try as hard as I might to be better about it. It's the same.

"There are certain things that are said and done and I can forgive, but for my own good I can't associate with that person any more.

'I don't trust you, but I can forgive you.'

I can do that.

Because some things you can't take back.

Some things that have been said, they hurt, they linger. That's in everybody's life."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

More movies

Sis sent me some more movies! I get them every Saturday!
Yay for sisters!
The Duchess was a lovely movie and I still like Ralph Fiennes.
He is so able to not go for the OBVIOUS when playing a character.
There is no clear baddie or goodie when it comes to his characters.
He plays them more complex and you can actually get drawn into him.
He is the best

The Proposal was cute! :)
Ryan Reynolds is always so funny...
I like when a couple is fun.
It means they are friends and that's the most important thing


I am in love with

Corinne, Volume 1 (of 2) by Madame de Staƫl

I can't get enough of reading it.
I don't know anyone who has ever read it so I have no one to talk to about it.

I wish there was somebody.

Boxed In

We went to that place and had to get on the elevator to go to that fun place on the roof that was freezing cold.
On the way there....

Tee hee (us in the elevator- the mirror above)

Friday, October 16, 2009


Wanting to hang out there

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I really love Minnie Riperton
I have since I was very little
I especially love her song Perfect Angel
Why don't they play her music more on radio??

Sunday, October 11, 2009


It was so sweet yesterday.

All the celebration.

I love it....

Friday, October 09, 2009

Funniest Sweet Wedding

I've seen some real weddings and been to a few and some on TV etc

But Jim and Pam's Wedding was the best wedding in the history of weddings I think.

It was FUN

and People should have fun at a wedding

It should be about the love and the laughter and the FUN!


I didn't think this existed

But someone did it and its the best.

I love the office

Look at That

Look at all of them

So happy

So fun.

Jim and Pam are the most fun couple ever.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

From the best commercial Ever

Its a commercial that sells clothes and tells the time at the same time
You can't take your eyes away

And then Time goes by

The Dancing is so cool

I love the clothes

i love the Location

I wonder who came up with the idea

Very Creative

The music is also very mellow


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More maddy ness

On Madmen, one of my fav characters Pete was digging into black advertising

I like this pic of him and hope they explore the storyline

photo effects

SOOO eerie!

Just added my face to this pic!

16 Books I like

  1. Crick Crack Monkey - Merle Hodge
  2. Push- Sapphire
  3. Paris Trout- Pete Dexter
  4. Wide Sargasso Sea- Jean Rys
  5. The Picture Of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde
  6. The Crucible - Arthur Miller
  7. Green Days By the River - Michael Anthony
  8. To Sir With Love-
  9. by Saki, H. H. Munro
  10. Emma - Jane Austin
  11. The Hungry Sea - Leslie Ames
  12. Our Nig - Harriet Wilson
  13. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry-Mildred Taylor
  14. Center Line- Joyce Sweeney

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Well I went into "foreign film and needing to be dead alone' I went to that tiny cinema by the train tracks and watched Closely Watched Trains.
There were 4 other people at the movie.
It was dark and I was happy.
I like the movie for the cinematography, and the crispness of the film.
For the straightforward and simple acting and script.
I just liked the simplicity and everything was as it should have been.
I felt alone watching it and that was the point.
I identified with the characters but didn't get overly attached and I was glad.
I needed to rest.

Here goes

The Shape of Things:
Made me Like Neil Labute (director) more. In some places this show really dragged. Could have made better use of long shots, but what so I know i am not a filmmaker. Acting wwas fine but something about the movie seemed a little bit amateur.
However I liked the premise and the 'surprise' at the near end.
It was pretty sad.
Rating on a scale of 1-10 = 5.9
The_Shape_of_Things_Cover.jpg image by markhill66

Bride Wars

It was cute. It was just a cute chick flick. But I liked it so much because it wasn't a typical story and even though the hi-jinx were over the op- it was sweet
Rating 6.5 for cuteness

I didn't know what they were trying to say during this movie but I liked the friendship tha developed and I liked seing Deidra Edwars on camera. I just liked watching her. I also liked Staci Lawrence and but for them being there this would seem like an afterschool special that I don't really want to watch.
I liked the subject matter but it seemed to jump all over the place :(
Rating for development of characters and their friendship 6.4

My Best Friend's Girl
Crass and weird. But you know what some guys actually behave in these crass ways (and I am not talking Dane cook I am talking the guys in the film who hire him. SO I am gonna add 1.5 to whatever rating I give this
Rating for MINDLESS entertainment 4.5
Overall rating 6
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