Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Or maybe...

Celeb look alikes

Pork and Beans

E found pork in her chili con tofu.
I think we Both were alarmed. I didn't know they added pork to baked beans either...maybe she grabbed the wrong can. :(
I really want to go a little meat free for a while, so I was glad when Robin made the deep fried tofu dip thing (In the blue bowl next to the juice with the slotted spoon).....It was tremendously delicious.
I could have eaten all of it but the surprising thing was that about a few ounces of it really filled me up.
I realized from talking to E and Robin too that I should let the Tofu drain.
I didn't before and it was a big mushy mess the first time I tried to curry it.
So I need cheesecloth and a bowl, and I will be set.
My stomach is so weird these days....

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Wall

At Peter and Robin's house is so great.
I love that that did this to it.
Some people usually have the tiny versions just one or two hanging decorations on there, but P&R have enough great knick knacks to fill the wall.
The last time I went there, there was a door in the garden. I think the trampoline has replaced the door... (yes a DOOR Izzy), I wish I had a pic of it now... :)


I made a headwrap and want to wear them more often. I like this one a lot.
Maybe I'll do some in different colors :)

Costume Party

Was cool :)
Robin and Peter (the Spartan Cheerleaders ala SNL) are really a lot of fun!
Jan went as an Egyptian Princess and I went as a Bratz doll...namely JADE bratz lol.
The food was great.
They had a vegetarian deep fried tofu thing that I loved....
The fog room downstairs was interesting but all the pictures were hard to see because of that.
Nevertheless I got good pics with the grim reaper and got halfway involved in a conversation about whether the BRATZ dolls were anatomically correct.
Only half way because I wanted to eat my tofu and that wasn't gonna happen if I stayed there.
The bonfire outside was nice too and they projected scary movies outside. I really liked the Carrie costume a lot :)
Umm I liked the fire idea but I was freezing the whole time!
Freezing and thinking about more tofu. LOL.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Jacky Fleming

I found her stuff recently and loved it.
She has some great talent, and she is extremely funny!
Funny is good (ala Jim Gaffigan lol)
I wish I could draw.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jim Gaffigan

One of my favorite new comedians.
He tells the joke but also he does the voice of audience members commenting on his act
"Oh, he just went crazy up there!"
"Hey buddy I like I HOP".
"Well, he's just anti family...."

His act is the phenomenal part:
"Why don't You get your own dessert"
He often begins show with, "Don't worry, I've never heard of me either."
I love his Hot Pokets and Cake Routine as well as the Attractive People Smile in Subway routine. He is truly funny. Jim Gaffigan

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Five Hours

Of talking is a long time.
But it doesn't seem long if it's interesting.
Now I am tired But I think I needed to talk too.
Hi Israel...don't forget Jim Gaffigan :)
Hugs M

Talk Show

At my church there was a talk show. They advertised it as a talk show and chocolate night. The chocolate part drew the crowd I am sure lol. They expected 200 people at most but I think they ended up with three hundred.

They invited us to have chocolate everything before the show started. EVERYTHING was chocolate and what was not chocolate, you had to DIP into either white or dark chocolate later on.
I like chocolate so I took a brownie, two cookies and two marshmallows (dipped in chocolate).

I ate the marshmallows and half of the brownie and had to throw the rest away.
I felt so ill.
I hadn't eaten that stuff in so long. I didn't know it would have that effect on me :(
I've decided to phase chocolate cake into my diet LOL :)

Pastor Andrea was the host of the show and different women went up onstage to give their testimony. It was amazing.
You go though life thinking that people have perfect lives and that you may be the only one with some problems to deal with.
You really don't talk about it that much, but then when the atmosphere for doing so is safe and inviting the floodgates opened.

The women all related to the testimonies that were given on failing health(lung transplants and cancer) and cures, healing marriages and relationships (infidelity and abuse), sick children etc etc.
I think everyone who went was blessed by it.

I have to write a letter to Pastor Andrea and let her know how great it was.
Of course Darlene was there smiling and laughing as usual. Nothing seems to get her down. Plus I loved her dress :)

Book Release Party

Barbara from Amani Publishing invited me to go.

I really like her as a publisher (in the green dress and headwrap) because she cares about her authors and sticks by them because she knows the troubles that she went through to get published herself.

I liked her ideas for the upcoming books especially the collections. "How I Met My Sweetheart" should be a really good one.

The authors who released at the party actually had really good books. I met up with Katherine there, who I had not seen in months since she left FSU. Her book "Oh Lord What Have I Done" is going to be published soon.
I feel bad, she told me to tell everyone "Hello" and I forgot. I will do it after I finish this post..or maybe later when I have free time :)

My favorite part was actually the excerpt reading which was done by this fabulously elegant lady in a leather African dress. She is actually something like a publicist, you know someone who promotes another person and kinda styles them etc. She kinda walked with a flounce so that interested me a lot.

Downtown Again

This time I met Eric Eggers of 100.7 WFLA. He was actually kinda cool.
I remember the big controversy surrounding 100.7 becoming talk radio, and booting out 100.7 THE BEAT.
THE BEAT played the best music without fail. I was sorry to see it go...nobody really protested hard enough though...Oh well that is life. :(
At least I got to hear Gold Digger a billion times. Every hour on the hour, two and three times per hour, before 100.7 THE BEAT went away...Hahahah

Ok, so back to downtown. I ate a hamburger patty...No bread just the patty. It was sooooo good. Then I had three fries....carbs really don't taste good to me anymore at all. Maybe I will try something over the next few days and have some.

The FSU basketball players were fun up on stage. They never stopped grinning and laughing. I liked it when theyhad the little girl in the audience pronouce the African player's name, and she knew how to do it right off the bat!

What concerned me somewhat was the street performer. He touched the ground so much with his hands and bare feet. That just bothered me a lot. It just took over my thoughts after a while. I just felt that me may need to go wash up and use some antibac lotion. It bothered me for days after I saw that. :(

As usual the Uppper end of town had more groovy stuff going on than the Lower lamer end. I liked everyone doing the Electric Slide, The Cha Cha Slide, Peanut butter and Jelly, and Jammin to CHAINS....

Did Jan ever finish that Kettle corn? I dunno if she did but certainly the guys who asked if we were models would have liked to know right?
Then the goofy pic time came, and the goofy pic turned into a model pose anyway...Its what we do LOL :)
Hugs M

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tiempo Libre

Was great.
We went to Jazz at the gray and sat at the Jazz Radio Station table.
It was really great to get a table but we didn't stay there at all because we were up front dancing. I had so much fun.
The band members were so friendly and great.
The lead singer Joaquin was a great performer and a great dancer.
They played for two hours with only one break. At which time we went and got pics with them :)
We talked to them after and went to their myspace and got pics with all of them.
We also saw a lot of people we knew too like Wes Singletary (we went to his book signing).

Friday, October 06, 2006

Gray's Anatomy MCS

The debate now is McDreamy or McSteamy.

To me there is no contest.

Mc Steamy is a clear winner... Looking all good in his lab coat hahahah
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