Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getdown with Mikey

The next visitor was Mikey.
We went to the getdown which was a lot of fun.
First time into Andrews this time I think.
I saw a guy there who I knew from a long time ago and he remembered me too..I hope we get a chance to talk again because its been a long long time.
He actually manages the place and one guy (Sean) took me all over creation to find him.
I was actually thankful because he didn't have to take up his work time to take me through the crowds. He even held my hand and made sure I didn't step in anybody's puke (yuck).
Then Jan's friend who is an athletics trainer came for a while.
He was there with his parents and his wife. It was just so crowded in there after a while, the bathroom line was 20 deep!

So we saw the stilt walking clown as usual and some other more interesting clowns too...Of course I had to get a pic with them.
I eventually got up the nerve to eat some spicy italian sausage from the FAMU booth. It was really good (See the Food Blog for more details).
We met up with William who used to work with Janice and now is off in Facilities. He's stopped his modeling thing since I saw him last but he seemed really cool about it. He didn't really care either way. Oh! Did I tell you that I like doing the electric slide? Well I do and I sing along, so I did!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have concerns

Adriana Lima (supermodel from Brazil) gained weight.
That is not what bothered me.
What bothered me was that the Hollywood Blogs told us that she gained weight. It was all over the news.
There was mixed reaction.
Some said she looked healthier, and some were turned off... you can tell. They did not say she looked great.

Some said that she looked good STILL. They used words like IN SPITE OF, and looked forward to a future where she would be thin again.
It was so surreal reading the reaction. What was also interesting was that Adriana herself would position her body differently in her "bigger" pictures. Arms hid the sides of her stomach, she was mainly twisted to the side, with very few frontal shots.

Thinner Adriana had billions of frontals! I wonder if she is feeling the pressure.

Hollywood Tuna has the best lowdown on the 'story'

Side Note

I saw Diary Of a Mad Black Woman again over the weekend.
Just thought it is interesting that Kimberly and Shemar were at Legends together.
Kimberly is divorced now....
I hope there is a cute couple in the making because they seem great together.

Monday, November 20, 2006


There have been a ton of visits these past weeks, Izzy's was great.
His flight was delayed which was fine because he got to meet some cool people and the next day I stood next to Stephen Colbert in the airport without my camera and kicked myself into eternity!
I called Janice to tell her...there is never any proof without a picture AARGH.

So anyway, it turns out that Janice and Izzy were big into Dafur and I felt left out so they gave me a bracelet lol.
Izzy was really sweet about it too. It turns out that they understand about me liking other causes too! lol..... Oh yes! Tony and Victor are BOTH gone away..for good it seems like. I think that that is really a curious coincidence!
Can't wait for the next visit.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Talk

Any version of "The Talk" at any time, in any place is easy and hard at the same time.
It's easy to say the things you need to say or listen to the things people are wanting to tell you. But the hard part is the "What next?"
Sometimes its not so hard, you can go to bed and get some sleep, or take a break for a day or clean your apartment or whatever...
But the effects of "The Talk" still linger.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I don't know

I went to a health fair. The personal trainers (in the pic) measured me with calipers for a skin-fold fat assessment. They said that though my % fat was healthy, it 1% point OVER the maximum of what I should be..so I had too high a body fat composition. I think that means I need to work out more LOL.

The rest of the health fair stuff was cool though. A lot of info about these health drinks like Acai. A friend of mine did a MSc research study on these tropical commodities with health benefits. Mangosteen and all the rest of them are a big hit now.
A while ago at the Vitamin Shoppe the guy behind the counter let me taste some. He stood there for 5 minutes trying to convince me that it would not taste gross.
He whispered that he would not push it on anyone if he didn't like it himself. He handed me the tiny sample cup and stared at me lol.
I loved it! It was on sale but I didn't want to buy it. I didn't trust myself to drink it all, there was an aftertaste (just a small one) that made me feel I would throw up if I drank anymore.
The staff at the Vitamin Shoppe is really helpful, they walk around with you and explain anything you need to know.
They look as if they all work out and use the products in there, and they try to gauge where you are in terms of how you think about your health. I really like going there.

Did I forget to mention that there were cookies at the health fair?
After the % fat news I didn't bother to grab one :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So the good stuff

Jan's dad came and was so funny..
JT, Paul, What's the title of that song, counting cadences etc etc...
He is always great to hang out with..I love it!

Not so good food

Jan's dad came to visit...and they went galavanting but managed to squeeze me in for dinner on Friday. We wanted to go to Masa but they were having space issues so we decided to eat at the Cafe.
I had fun hanging with them but I felt jaded because my pork wasn't cooked really well..

I sent it back and when it came out again I still didnt like it. Jan and her dad had the chicken which looked good and we had artichoke dip which was good but made us ill.
I really don't like it when food is bad....

Monday, November 13, 2006


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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Erin and Desra

Came into town to visit and were so sweet.
I liked hanging out at LOS with them because I wasn't quite sure that they had experienced EXTREMELY good Mexican food...
They were so impressed with everything...
I thought that was too cute!
I was also very glad that Desra undsertood about taking pictures and angles etc....
Usually I have to go into detail about how to hold the camera and it is so worrisome.
I think I have a billion JANMAR pics though...Oh well! :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

My Virtual Model

It helps when you want to try on jeans and tops to see how they would fit without having to go to the store.
You put your measurements in and they tell you what size jeans etc...I love this. They have all hair types, skin color, and body types. They adjust the model based on the measurements you put in, so it looks exactly like you. They even have eye shape and lip fullness, and you can rotate the model to see how stuff looks from the back or the sides...


Phil and Jess came into town and we had dinner with them...Something feels weird when you have one sangria and it makes you feel loopy. Sangria is sooooo good though...and so cheap lol.
Rafa is the best.
John V came to hang out and some girl seemed to want him to mac on her but he refused on the grounds that he's asked her out before and she blew him off.
Which is to say that she said she was busy and then never tried to reschedule. She seemed to want him to ask again that night but whatever.
John wasn't having it lol.
Then we went to "Bdubs"/BW3 for more.
John V got bored (ummmmm.....).
I thought the whole thing was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!
Meanwhile it was freezing cold and we were walking to the car sans Phil and sans his car keys. I saw two guys being weird and I ran back to BW#. I dunno if John V would have been able to take them on but I didn't want to find out lol.

Game night

Church had a game night... They always send out the notices for movie night etc but I never had a chance to go before this time.
Arpi (from Russia) was there and I talked to her for a while but when I was leaving I forgot to get her picture..oh well..next time I think.
She will be at the next thing they have probably. She goes to my church but I never see her in service becasue so many people are there.

Anyway I sat at one table to have dinner.
I like the organizers (incl Darlene) soooo much..They ordered SALADS (people never think to do that!), and chili and baked potatoes. I had a salad yea!

Then I had some oreos and my stomach hurt :(
So I stayed at my dinner table for a while and one of the ladies decided she wanted us all to play some game that I didn't really know.
I didn't want to so I went to find another game...Melissa who was at my table followed me. I hope that lady didn't feel bad, but I really didn't want to play her game.
So we found the UNO table!
I love that game and I am like Monica on 'FRIENDS" whan it comes to games lol. We were all laughing so hard when someone dropped a draw two or 4, skip or reverse. I love that game. I think my table was the most ANIMATED :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

When Animals Attack

There are some sweet birds out there, but sweet birds turn scary when they are UNPREDICATBLE (We gonna do something we never done before OOHHHHH, ala Jamie Foxx).

That is what happened when we were sitting on the couch in the big kitchen and one of the tiny birds came squealing out of the cage. There are no doors on the cage!
I screamed, we all screamed.

Then they explained to us that it was probably just trying to get to the small bird house on the top of the wall...
Well that made everything alllllllll better lol...... :(

Cosmo Magazine

These are the results of my shoot (lol)...maybe some DOORS will open :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Too many...

Things all the time. I totally forgot that I had to do the Library Sale on Saturday and I missed the whole thing.
I just needed a few things I had scoped out from way before.
Oh well...That is life. :(
I take comfort in looking at Peter and Robin's shelves...which have great antique books on them. :)
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