Monday, July 31, 2006

80's night was fun

The pictures say it all. Everybody got their gear on and had a great time. The place was packed. People were dancing all weird the more they loosened up ad everything hahahah.
It was an 80's prom as well, so there were prom dresses, Miami Vice guys, ET, madonna girls etc.
I loved the whole thing. I was laughing inwardly the whole time. You know we had to do the poses in our outfits right. We just had to. We needed to go all out for this one. I felt weird for a minute walking up the street but whatever.....
We met up with Rich there and saw some guy we know named Joe. They really got me going when they played "It takes two" and then they went on with Milli Vanilli. I did the dance and everything.
The 80's were a great time but I am glad I really wasn't older then and wore those clothes. I was more a 90's girl with the dookie braids ( I LOOKED GOOD), the baggy jeans and the clunky black shoes and tight tops! Oh yeh I was stylin back then hahahahahah. I saw Sarah Grady there and had to get a pic with her. She was wearing a prom dress from the 80's remember the shiny dresses with the popcorn material in the middle...Like what I had back in the day? Why didn't they stop us? The ladies feathered their hair too. I felt like was in a time warp. The guys really went all out too though. I felt proud of them wearing their sunglasses at night and their pastel colors. They should have a 90's party!

Another Los Shisha Night

This was really good. We intoduced Rich to Rafa, and Rich didn't know if Rafa liked him or not. Hahahh I love it!
We saw some REAL cowboys whith the hats and boots and everything who told us that they came from the woods and that that was a big night out for them. We wished them well and I think the actually MOSIED on out (LMAO).

We went to Shisha's after and that was actually a good time. I didn't get any of the teas or anything but one of the workers there had a birthday so they gave every one some cake. We met up with Markwl and he was a lot of fun too. They actually showed Southpark on the big screen so we kinda watched that for a while.

Jan got bored at one point and suggest we think of something to talk about...We talked about water for a while. I thought that that was hilarious. It was a good night. Betcha wanna know what happened on the next night after that hahahah.
Meanwhile umm does this guy look like Rich? Because I think so....

Friday, July 28, 2006


My mom is trying Itlalian cooking. If you know my mom you know she is really loathe to try new and different things.
SO my sis brought home this library book with recipes and pictures of Italian food and mummy is looking at the egglant and cheese dish.
Knowing her she will not follow the instructions...A bad habit that I picked up from her. She will put her own spin on things and then complain that the recipe is no good if it doesn't taste good.
I wish I could be there to see this...
Mummy has also taken to making pizza. They say she is following the instructions now. In the past it would be hard crust with cheddar cheese squares and ketchup.
I would still eat it though.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Deborah Brown

I am listening to and watching her right now on WFSU with the FSU Jazz ensemble incluing Dayve Stewart who I met a little while ago!
I adore this group and Deborah's singing...AMAZING!
Here is a little history about her:
Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Deborah's musical talents have propelled her from coast to coast in the USA, eventually leading her to Japan, Indonesia and the far east and culminating in a 12 year residency in Europe.
Performing in nightclubs, concerts, jazz festivals, on television and radio soundstages, Deborah has made a name for herself with appearances in more than 50 countries around the world. Deborah Brown has recorded 11 albums as a leader and has been featured on numerous other recordings as a special guest soloist.
I wish I met her too!
Hugs M

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

For Jan's sake and a little of mine hahahha

Ummm yeh I saw these and liked these and wanted these on here.... Shemar moore will always be a fav of mine. He is too cool for words.

Then Terrence Howard, who I loved in CRASH and Gary Dourdain (he was married to Roshumba!).
Now Boris was never a fav of mine till I saw Madea's family reunion...That man can dress...Jan remember Gospel (and how it sucked and we laughed and laughed because I picked that movie to watch even though you didn't mind because of the music?)

MY Ultimate favorite and I have most of his movies...Morris Chestnut (see his smile for details hahahah)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another one- different poses?

Hey Andy look what I did again : )
These are a little bit different....
I think that the third one is very nice...not sure about what is the best lighting for this though..
I am just trying out these poses to see what is best.
Sepia is definitely a good effect for these pics though.
Hugs M

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Cafes

Were mad fun.
AT Cabernet I felt a little woogy so I didn't have much at all, but we still had a great time talking to people and the music etc..We got to talk to the band guy and the drummer offered me a sip of gin (AS IF!).
EW and ummm NO! He seriously thought I would drink after him...Janice was dying with laughter. We saw Eric and met this nice guy Rich who was funny and surprising because he had travelled so much and done so many things that all three of us had a lot in common.

The next night Willy and Markwl went with us to the movies and to SHISHA's for belly dancing, baklava and fun.

Willy is too funny just in general so it's always great to hang out with him. He commented on the fact that we pay to sit on the floor at Shishas..I loved it. It was the best thing ever!
We are definitely going back.
AT Shisha you can get up and dance to the arabic music or American music (whichever they are playing) and dance with the belly dancer too.

The only thing I didn't really like was people throwing dollar bills instead of putting it in the tip jar...Its kinda rude and doesn't feel right...Oh Well..maybe that is just me....

Adventures with the bus

We decided to change our routine a little and take the bus around town...That was great...

Who Knew.
The Bus Driver lady was nice.
Her name was Denise and by the time we drove with her twice we were on a first name basis and joking with her hahahhah!

Meanwhile interesting people at the bus stop. the guy playing the guitar was blind and the other bus driver helped him to find a seat. I thought that was really nice of him to do!

Then this guy in the suit just caught my eye and I had to take his pic. It was classic :)

Don't I look cool waiting for the bus at the terminal :)
Jan is a pro and I like the reading of the ride guide where you can see the engagement ring.
Hey Andy thanks for the car info..tee hee

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miss Universe 06: Miss Trinidad

She (Kenisha Thom) was really great.
Pretty and well spoken.
Of course I wanted her to win.
When she didn't get into the top 5 I wanted Miss Puerto Rico to win and she did.
Miss Japan was cool too....
You can check out the other delegates here.

Meanwhile I liked how she looked in all her clothes including the gown.
All Miss Trinidad outfits are usually designed by Peter Elias who is a Syrian designer in Trinidad.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

This is a Long and Good one..Thanks Jessie

001: Real Name- Ummm You guys know me
002. Nickname- Bones
003. Single or taken-Single
004. Zodiac sign- Libra- scales of freedom hahah
005. Male or Female- female
006. Elementary School - Sacred Heart Girls Roman Catholic School
007. Favorite Color-purple
008. How many buddies on your buddy list- 44
009. Screenname - eh?
010. Hair Color - black
011. Fav. Holiday- Christmas
012. Hair Long or Short?- long when I do it hahah
014. Eye Color - black
015. Health Freak- no, but kinda
016. Height - 5'8
017. Do you have a crush on someone- no
018. Do you like yourself- YES
019. Do you like meeting new people- DEFINITELY
020. Think you're awesome- Yes because God thinks so hahah
019. Piercings- ears but it closed up
022. Tattoos - no
023. Righty or Lefty - righty

___Your 'Firsts'___
024. Surgery- none. Thank God
025. Boyfriend/Girlfriend- Jason Bateman from It's your move hahahahahahahah
026. First best friends - Nicole C.
027. First Award - Creative writing. I won a book called the Canturbury Tales and my story was read by Poet and Author Joy Ryan to a crowd of people when I was 11.
028. First Sport You Joined - Netball
029. First pet- fish
030. First vacation- Tobago
031. First Concert - The Eagles
032. First real love -

033. Movie- Face Off, Ethan Frome, History of Violence and tons more
034. Favorite tv show - Hell's Kitchen
035. Group/singer - Sade
036. Music - Jazz
037. Number - 7
038. Food - Fried Chicken hahahah
039. Drink - Water
040. Place to be- anywhere there are good people
041. Car- Aston Martin
042. Favorite piece of clothing- black skirt
043. Brand of clothing- BCBG and John Varvatos...Their clothes look good on everyone
044. What do you sleep with- Bible on my bed...ususally open to psalms so when i get up i can read
045. Favorite School subject- English Literature
047. Favorite Book(s)- The French Lieutenant's Woman, collected Short stories from Hector Hugh Monroe
048. Favorite Magazines - Essence, Gourmet, Food and Wine

049. Eating - chewing gum
050. Drinking - water
051. Thinking- A lot of different thing
052. I'm about to go - do something else
053. Listening to- Back to Life
054. Dating- no one
055. Waiting For- great things promised
056. Watching- the computer screen
057. Wearing - black top and red plaid skirt

___Your Future___
058. Want Kids? Yes
059. Want to Get Married? Yes
060. Careers in Mind- Writer

061. Relationship - yeh
062. Thing you regret- I don't have regrets
063. Thing you did- talked to Van
064. Time you were having fun- Last night planning with Jan for the bash next week
065. Place you drove- school
066. Thing you were mad about- all you guys know the silly thing
067. Vacation you went on - New York

__Which is better with the Opposite Gender__
068. Lips or Eyes? - eyes
069. Hugs or Kisses- hugs
070. Shorter or Taller- taller
071. Religious or party girl/guy- strong personal relationship with God, but not a stick in the mud
072. Romantic, Spontaneous - Romantic
073. Nice stomach or Arms - both
074. Sensitive or Loud - both
075. Hook-up or Relationship - relationship
076. Sweet or Caring - both
077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?- level-headed

___Have you ever___
078. Kissed a Stranger - no
079. Drank bubbles - not on purpose
080. Lost glasses/contacts - No
081. Ran Away From Home - no where would I go hahah
082. Gotten a car ticket - parking :(
083. Fought with your parents - eh
084. Broken Someone's Heart- don't think so
085. Been Arrested - no
086. Turned someone down - yes
087. Cried When Someone Died - yeh
088. Cried at school - yes

___Do You Believe In___
089. Yourself - that with God's Help I can handle anything
090. Miracles - yes
091. Love at first sight- no
092. Jesus Christ- No way to the Father except through Him
093. Aliens- no
094. Magic - yes but its not really a good thing
095. Divorce - NO but if people are treating you badly ....
096. Santa Clause - No
097. Sex on the first date - NO
098. Kissing on the First Date - not anymore!
099. Angels - yes

___Answer Truthfully___
100. Is There someone You Want To be with right now-no..well God yeh

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Remember I told you about Andrew Fryson the former White Sox baseball player.
Well he came to visit and I got my pic with him :)
I don't think I have any sports celeb pics other than this...So this will be my first one.
Notice that I am usually the tallest person in all my pics. In this pic I am not.
I think Andrew is 6ft 7 inches
Hugs M

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Guess what?!

Memoirs of a Geisha really kinda sucked! I was surprised.
We kept falling asleep.
I couldn't go through the mire of it alone so i kept making noise to stay up lol
I tried to stay awake because I thought, I have seen the previews and there are good parts coming...

In truth...The previews were the best part......

So then we talk about Geisha and how it's not supposed to be about prostitution...but then it's all very iffy...Ah life! :)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Bastille Day

Was very funny, and a lot of fun.
We met up with Nan an 'em hahahah.
It was a good thing that we saw them just made the conversation a little more convoluted ahahahahah!
I took a pic with the lead singer of Crooked shooz. He was funny as they say...
It was really hot out there for one thing and he was all wet. The band played so good even with the scorching heat.
We had the Chez Pierre fans so that was some relief.
Then this guy was really nice and I felt he deserved a pic :)

I think just about everyone enjoyed it because they got out there and did the electric slide and all these other dances from OLDEN days...

The only thing is that for Bastille day they didn't really play any French stuff at all!

Not even the national anthem! I was a little bit caught off guard tee hee.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Still playing around with Sepia hahaha

Half side...Hey Andy...see what I did? Thanks for everything. :)

Although you know I really like the front one too I keep it in....

Friday, July 14, 2006

Love these

Found these pictures and loved them..

Marcia I know you will like these too.

I just like the colors and the energy of them :)
Hugs M

Long day

Tired...I was kinda sleeping on the phone..I know Jan knows what that is like. Thanks upstairs neighbor.... :(

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I liked this I snapped away. Ther are only so many courses I can take..I think Photog may be one in the future.
Hugs M

Smithsonian Mag

Every year for the past 3 years Smithsonian Magazine has had a photo contest. Here are my Favorites from this year.

Children Playing Behind Backlit Tent.

Bali Cremation.

Leaf Trapped in Tar.


Dapper Man with Cane.

Poffabro Italy.

Red Forest
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