Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Sun Drains

Well the beach was good but I think it got up to 100 degrees at some point...

We all went into the water to cool off.

The beach was not as crowded as I thought it would be..Of course there are the one or two annoying people who feed the sea gulls and make them swarm.
One day we will see them on WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK...that is what I am waiting for....

I like the sandcastle but really I was just decorating...some kid made the pillars.
I really needed to sleep but I didn't get a chance to so I was tired on the way back.
Oh Yeah ...a bunch of planes flew past so I got a pic of one..They were riding really low so I kept an eye out...Just in case you know.....
Then later in the parking lot some people were had been drinking and sounded very southern asked me and Jan to join them with their partying...
We politely declined and smiled hoping that they would take that as is and leave us alone. The one guy kept talking and said next time...we said Definitely NEXT TIME....Then we hightailed it outta there.... :)
Hugs M

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

White Party Jazz

This was really nice.
Some guy named Nathaniel had a party and everyone wore white. T
hey had a Jazz Band play and the lead Dayve Stewart gave me his card. He was really very good and his site is excellent (if you ike good jazz).

The funny thing was, that I took a pic with him with my camera and he wanted one of us with his camera (which I really usually don't allow but his camera took great pics), but some girl was standing there almost snarling and she said something to the effect that Dayve was taken which didn't matter to me at all because I wasn't interetsed in him.
So I asked him excitedly "Is this your girlfriend?"
He didn't say anything he just looked at the pic we had taken together. The girl chimed in kinda angrily, "No we are just friends."
I felt that that was a weird exchange but whatever.....

Anyway we met this girl there who had this great dress on and so we took a pic with her. Everybody thought she was really pretty.

Then we met this guy and his friend who was a woman and wore her clothes like she was a man. I asked her why she dressed that way and she said that that was her lifestyle. I think they wanted to hang out for a little bit but I don't think it would have been fun especially since that girl who dressed like a guy came up and tickled Janice. I had to get a pic with them for fun :). They are barbers.

The white party music was so good I danced a little and enjoyed the music.
The guests danced together and since most of them were in sororities and frats together they all knew the same dances etc, it was great!

Davye, the jazz man, made fun of Nathaniel's shoes almost the whole time on stage and in songs that he sang..I laughed and laughed.

Eric the bartender was sweet as usual and fun to talk too :)

He made Janice's drink the way she liked...with extra cherries!
That was really a fun time

Thursday, May 25, 2006

still love sp gallery

It is really too funny!
This time I put Mr. Pins in there.
I was laughing all the while I was doing this.
Just go to the South Park Studio and do it yourself.
Hugs M

Taylor Won!

......and yes Taylor.
YOU do make ME proud! :)
Hugs M

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oprah's Legends Ball

Was great...
Wish I was invited :(
Someday though! :)
Some of my favorite people were there. I personally liked the luncheon better, they had more fun and they sang and carried on...That was really great....
I liked the decorations, the gifts etc. What really interested me a lot was the picture of Kimberly Elise and Shemar Moore at the ball together dancing.
They had just done the movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman, went on the Oprah show for promos and talked about it all.
During the interview Shemar said that Kimberly was one of the most beautiful people he knew but that she was married ao he was respectful of that.
I was reading the latest Essence Magazine on Saturday, and Kimberly is now divorced.
It was an amicable split they said. She had been married all her grown up life and now she was on her own....
I hope that Shemar gives her a call.....
How amazing would that be! :)
Hugs M

Monday, May 22, 2006

Live Cd taping

Was good.
Very professional.
The place was packed from what I saw.
The music was really very good....

I didn't know they could do it like that without doing retakes...but whatever.....

I don't know anything about the music business.

Anyway Pastor Ledford talked for a little while then they started singing.

The intial song was great and this cool Latino rocker type guy sang...I really liked his long hair.
I feel a little ill now so I will let the pics speak.....
I almost forgot..The chef at the church prepared gourmet type meals for dinner.
I should have taken pictures but Mr. Pins and I were really too tired at the end of it....

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Of course eveyone remembers The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...Three of my favorite actors are on there but of course I like Clint Eastwood the best....
He is the best all around.
I think you know when you have a stand out performance in a movie, and Eli Wallach (The Ugly), was what made this movie great!
"When you gonna shoot shoot! Don't talk!"
Lee Van Cleef is cool too...
Hugs M

Thursday, May 18, 2006


This is what the name "Marsha" looks like in Japanese:

Pretty cool eh? :)
I found the Translator HERE
Yes I kinda like me a lot hahahha
Hugs M

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

One of my new favorite actors.
Plays Denny Duchette on Grey's Anatomy..well Played anyway till they killed him off and I cried and cried at how they did it. It was the saddest thing ever....
Anyway he is a very good actor and very sweet and very good looking.

Morgan says he was planning a future with his actress girlfriend of a year and a half when he learned she was involved with another man. "It's a really bad way to go," says the still-stung star. "I'm like Jennifer Aniston — I'm that guy." Morgan says the evening before this interview, he learned the identity of the "other man."
So what's Morgan looking for in a mate?
"Well," he says, smiling, "someone to laugh with. And fidelity would be nice."
He is the best!
I think she may regret cheating on him...His star is rising.....


So I told a little about the garden.
Well here is more.
There were these really beautiful walkways and archways and benches and ponds!

The rectangular pond was really pretty. I like the pic of it here but when we went to Peter's house he had the same one up on his wall in black and white. The same angles, same lighting and everything!

It is so pretty there that they have garden parties and weddings and photographers all the time.

This one soon-to- be bride (June wedding) was taking pics in her dress. I thought it was cutebecause I love corsets, then she hailed me out and said she knew me...She recognized me from where I live etc but I had never seen her before in my life...The world is really small....

The wishing well is always fun but I forgot what I wished for. I always forget so i never know if the wishes are coming true....hahahha they are prayer wishes anyway so it doesn't matter if I forget them or not....
Then of course we more or less missed the entire blooming period but there were a few left.....
I really liked these yellow ones because their insect guides were so prominent and so mathematically in order.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Market thing

See my Food Blog for the food stuff...but I liked walking through here.

The fork guy was the most interesting because he said executives could put his work in their offices on the desks...One guy who looked like an executive scoffed quietly to himelf...I thought that was funny!
The forks themselves, he would just bend and sharpen to a point and if there is a breeze he said they would move forever.
Then I got a little bored from watching them spin and I walked away...

The animals are always fun to watch from afar because they are UNPREDICTABLE...The owls, I thought, were an accident waiting to happen. I stood a safe distance from the girl with the reptiles and the owl lady, but when the vulture on the guy's arms started to flap really hard I got the heck outta there! (Cuz WE run).

The guy who was singing sounded like a country version of Paul Simon...Umm I didn't like it so much....
He sang for the whole time I was there and nobody told him to stop or go away so i guess other people liked it a lot!

My favorite stall was the wood carved stuff...The wine stoppers were the best... They were 12 dollars each and I think they are worth it.....
I would like to learn how to do it.


Well we went tothis horse show and I really enjoyed it...I told some people about it who went on the second day, but apparently all the action went down on the day I was there...
Oh Well....
Before I got there I talked to some of the organizers who were really sweet (thanks Alice and Pam!) so after talking to them I knew I wanted to go.....

When we got there it was like being outside Tally while you were INSIDE tally...It was a farm with stables just off of a neighborhood!
Horses and kids were milling all I had to go touch and take a pic with one!
I WAS SCARED The whole time..not that it would kick me or buck or something...I was scared that it would lick me and that the spit would be sticky and that there was no where for me to wash it all off!!!!!!!!

Then we got the cake walk stuff going....On my first try I won a cake..It was the best thing ever! Just winning! I prayed while I walked so I think I had an advantage hahaha ...See my food blog for details. I've been giving it away because I just like winning not eating it...

Then The Hula dancing...I will let the pics speak for themselves...It was kinda fun though, because the music was kinda watered down Second World War Hawaiian.....If you wanted you could probably booty dance to it!

They had a silent auction too!
With bids for Lasik eye surgery, dinners, spas, burberry bags, and horsey stuff..Eh :(

The most exciting was the musical sack races...where they lay out feed sacks on the field and the kids on horses race around to music playing and when the music stips they have to be on a sack or else they are out......
Hugs M
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