Monday, April 30, 2007


Well I didn't really meet him but I was sitting in the bookstore and this guy was sitting next to me on the bench reading an interesting magazine, at which I was sneaking peeks.
Eventually we start talking and I realized that from the side this guy looks a little like James VanderBeek.
From the front though and the way he talks it is EXACTLY an Adrian Korbel type thing!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Then later...I went casual

Casual cartoon me :)

Really causal... I like

Lifetime TV Version of me

This is what they think I look like..

I got to do the clothes etc
I like it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I really like Victoria Rowell.
She overcame unmistakenable odds (Foster Care), and became a great lady and a good person.
Here is a picture of her with her daughter and son.

She described on the Tyra show, and other shows, how she gave birth to her daughter, and then a nurse wouldn't let her have her daughter when came time to feed her. This was due to the color difference....Imagine having to deal with that.
Meanwhile Victoria is one of the premier actresses Hollywood, and is absolutely everywhere. Legends Ball, O magazine, EVERYWHERE....

You Go GIRL! :)

The VOYCES: Band of the Month

I usually don't do this but I really like this band called the VOYCES. You can check THEM out on myspace and listen to their music

I liked them so much that I found them on myspace and talked to the band leader Brian off and on by email for almost a year.

He is really dedicated to the success fo the band but other than that their music is cool, and there is a girl in the band named LAUREL hahahha

THE VOYCES have been nominated for Band of the month at the DELI magazine.

Check out DELI and look athe the top right hand side at the band of the month poll. Then vote.
They really do have cool music and great people in the band. Thanks for telling me about the poll Brian.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Art

INTRO......At the Studio Warehouse

This was pretty good.

This pic here is onion skins.

I liked all of it.

This was beautiful

People are just so creative!

This was a film of moving hands, which was kinda scary but chic nevertheless :)

I didn't get pictures of every Little thing, but what I got was amazing

Like This...So Pretty

And this...which is something I will try out in the future






This. I really loved. It just looked really peaceful and simple.


There was also an outside fireplace drum session.

I really liked that too...I think I will go to the next event!

Xylophones and Art

My friend Matt (he makes and sells xylophones and other percussion instruments) invited me to an event that was artsy.

I loved it!
It's always on once a month so I was surprised that I had never gone there. I'd visited the studio, gotten the tour and listened to Milt Jackson, but never went to the big event.
He's told me I should go before band I had but I must have gotten mixed up or something about the times, left a note in his mailbox at the studio and went on about my business.
This time I went.
It was tremendous!
I almost didn't go because when I got there there was no place to park and they were sending people away.

I called Matt up and he told me where a good place would be.

So I went.
I wasn't disappointed. I got good ideas for my craft and jewelry stuff.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Long time no see

I recently ran into one of my old friends...Khue from Vietnam

That was a trip...

We went out to catch up and it was just like old times...

Laughing, Laughing and Laughing

Making fun of each other and fake throwing up hahahah.

He had turned himself into an Abercromie and Fitch guy and was proud of it!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

When I met Spike Lee

Spike Lee came to talk to us.

I had reservations about him at first because I wasn't sure I liked him as a person.
I really respect his hard work now.

From the way that he speaks, you can tell that he THINKS about the issues in his films, he THINKS about the story, the characters, the emotions, the meaning, and the value system. As a writer, I really appreciate that quality in him. That and the fact that he said that he prays every night because he is blessed.

He has overcome so many obstacles and stepped out there to DO HIS THING.
I am really glad I got to meet him afterward.

He talked about the making of Malcolm X when Warner Bros pulled funding and he called up Bill Cosby, Magic Johnson, Janet Jackson, Michael Jordan and Oprah, among others, to get funding for the movie.
When they announced that these prominent African Americans were making these gift/contributions toward the film, Warner Bros jumped back in to help funding and distribution once again.

In our pic together I am really glad that his face looks like the character Mookie in Do The Right Thing!
Meanwhile I am grinning like a Cheshire cat!
Meeting him is near the top of the list of celebs I want to meet so I am happy.

Monday, April 02, 2007


So we all went about the business of hiking.

We met at Publix and Jay (the leader), did the briefing, car assignments and prayers.
We set out
Let me tell you, the setting out was fun.
We all talked and talked and talked on the way there.
I am so glad that I no longer experience car sickness. I was able to soak in everything!
I do remember that there was a lot of talk about fish, ducks, hunting, and grilling so I was having fun. Me and food hahahhaha

The people who went on the hike, many of whom I'd never met, were great!
Man alive!

They were so interesting, and funny, with not a boring discussion amongst them.

I thought that the hike would be long, but it really wasn't.

It didn't even occur to me that we had started on our way back till we were 4 minutes from where we parked the cars.

I liked this hike, because I wasn't bothered by bugs or prickly, poisony, things at all. The Claritin D was kicking in so I wasn't bothered by pollen either (insert broad grin here).

The view of the lake up top reminded me of the movie DELIVERANCE, which I realized (much to my dismay), that not many of the people I was with had ever seen it.

Whatever, I recommended strongly that they see it and I am sure that some of them will.

So I can't wait to get together with them again. Well I can..but I can't.
Tee hee!
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