Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Can I Say

President Obama and Michelle Obama
I have such respect for these two people

President Obama
I just have to say this is a GOOD man.
A GOOD man.

I want Tiny to be this type of man.
A KIND man
A faithful and truly loving man

A man who can handle things. A man who is fun and loves LIFE

A man who knows that being GOOD, kind and caring may not be advantageous but does it anyway because he knows right from wrong and will not compromise  himself  or his character

A KIND man, a caring man, a respectful, loving, caring man of good character.
Decency and integrity
Not crass, or coarse in his speaking.

Tiny and I talk EVERY DAY about thinking on things that are TRUE, HONEST, JUST, PURE, LOVELY, and of GOOD REPORT.

These are the things that keep a peaceful spirit and help a man treat others well. Regardless of any pressures or stresses he may face
Whatever you feed grows, and the things and issues that are in your heart, come out f your mouth.
THat is how you can tell WHO a person is, by what is in his heart

I am so proud to show Tiny a good example of what a remarkable man should be like.
How a man should demonstrate who he is in this life

The good thing abut him too is that he admits hos flaws and as Michelle says, he does not need to bring a woman down in order to make himself feel good

That is just a minimum too.

He set the bar so high

I was in tears when, in his farewell speech he talked about Michelle and the kids
I have so much more to say but I will save for another time.

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