Friday, April 15, 2016

Uncertain but

Well My friend's baby (Estelle) did not make it
I called and talked to him. Texas is a long way away but he sounded like he was in the room with me.
He said he was glad for the call. Glad to be able to talk. He was holding the baby while I talked to him. That was the saddest thing ever.
They were going to have a naming ceremony. I was overcome, but did not cry on the phone because I didn't want to make it about me. I wanted him to have someone strong to talk to, if he wanted to cry. His voice was crumbling.
Now I dunno what to do.
They have a lot of people sending condolences and care packages and food now

SO I am uncertain as to whether to call again so soon.
However I am gonna call when the initial outpouring ends.
I somewhat know how it is. In the beginning there is a deluge.
But when that dies down and one day you look around and everybody expects you to be 'over it' and you aren't because grief doesn't  work that way, you need something. Something I can;t describe, tha t you can't get from anything or anybody

The unexpected call or email for one day or 5 days or every other day is the best thing ever.
You get to talk like normal, or laugh or cry or whatever.
That's  a good thing
I am so sorry about the baby Ibby....

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