Monday, April 18, 2016

For Tiny

I keep this blog so one day when Tiny looks at it he can see all the adventures we had, and I hope he remembers. I try to get as much on camera as possible but there are great and lovely times I can't capture.
So Tiny if you are reading this (You in the future) I want to remind you of bedtime stories, and singing at night together and you not wanting to sleep just yet
Of How do dinosaurs say goodnight and How do dinosaurs get well soon
Of  Melvin the librarian
AND laughing and laughing, and of you asking me to sit up and sing the 'When I wake up' song to you
Of you pressing your cheek hard against mine when I sing the "and I see your face" part
Of the Goodnight Mama, I love you
AND Goodnight Tiny, I love you

Of I love sharing strawberry crumbs with you
Of our crayon story books and all the stories we make up
Of our Imagination songs and singing while we walk the streets exploring
I hope we are reading this together and remembering while making new memories together

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