Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I saw the Virtual museum and thought it was cute.

I love Valentino as a designer because everything he designed was delicate
Since he sold the company you can tell the difference in the clothes coming out and being produced.

It's so different now...

However he is still the figure head.

At Taschen, his book of designs/clothing is 1000 dollars or more.

Of course the collection of red dresses over the years is a big attraction to both the book and the museum.
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While I don't follow the Valentino brand of work anymore (because I sensed the change since he left) watching the museum is a good throwback

Seriously the shows themselves are different.

There is a harsher feel, edgier..I dunno.

It's not as SOFT as the Valentino style

Therefore the
Valentino Garavani
Virtual museum is the best way apart from the book and the documentary to keep in touch with the classic Valentino style

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