Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Watched a lecture on Ryskamp and his collection of drawings

The lecture was about an hour long at the Frick in NYC

Very interesting

How he collected

How Many

How he displayed

Where he displayed in his house

Invitations to students to talk about art and collections

"Charles Ryskamp: A Life in Arts and Letters"

It was interesting because the lecture kind of gave you insight into this other kind of world where people who are really passionate about art and books, just endeavour to collect what they view as meaningful to them.

With connections to The Frick Collection, the Morgan Library, Yale and other distinguished libraries, with art collections, the lecture gave a history of Ryskamp's academic study life as well as his time teaching.

It detailed how he decided which drawings to buy, who he hung out with, and where he traveled to, and how often.

He traveled extensively.
However it sounds as if one HAD to be committed to just that life, and maybe little else...

I wasn't sure if he did a variety of other activities until Ryskamp met Paul Mellon.

The Mellons invited him to share a lot of activities, horses, garden history, boats, countryside etc...

Then it all sounded amazing to me

I want to do some of the stuff he did.
Of course you have to hang out with people who have that interest.
I don't know that many people who ALREADY know much about it..
I'll try and do all of this though

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David Brown said...

Hi...I stumbled across your site, and your posts about Charles Ryskamp. I don't know if you know it or not, but the National Gallery of Art put out a DVD called "Paul Mellon: In His Own Words". You can view the video for free at the NGA web site, but if you purchase the DVD, it also has another DVD in the case where Mellon's friends each have ten or fifteen minutes to tell about their relationship with Paul, and Charles Ryskamp is one of them. He's a pretty interesting (and nice) guy.

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