Monday, December 05, 2016

Walk, talk and telephone calls

I was talking a walk in the sun and I remembered something

when I was in high school, I used to call my mom at work. for years, almost everyday.
When I got home from school if she was working the evening or overnight shifts at the hospital I always called.
I still remember the phone number by heart
We used to talk for a long time each call

Why it's interesting, is because it just occurred to me that she was usually running the wards and having to do rounds and she always took my calls. for YEARS.
We would just have normal conversations too, just as if she was home

Why did she take ALL those calls. It seems to me that she had so much to do.
I never even thought anything much bout it
She just talked to me every day for an hour or so, not worrying about the phone bill or anything.
We just talked about school and what i did and what she was doing, and food. ANYTHING
It's kinda shocking to me because I only just remembered....

I should take more walks.

The thing is this. I realized that I had some great experiences and then my priorities changed. I wanted different things that I thought were important that led me to be around people who I didnt want to be around, but who I thought were living the kind of life I wanted. UGH

I'll 'take the L' for that but my eyes are opened now and opening more...

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