Friday, December 16, 2016

Piggy Bank

Tiny has a bottle. An old cereal bottle hat once held this 'cereal' kids are supposed t like
He didn't like it
So now the container is his piggy bank
He understands what saving money is about.
For something you need later like food or clothes or a house or a toy.
He says that when his bottle is full he can get some toy trucks
He's allowed to pick up coins that he finds  at home and put them in the container
I also give him my change

The other day he got hold of another bottle and he said
Mama this is your piggy bank!

Now he finds coins and gets coins and fills up my piggy bank

He says
Mama, your bank is almost as full as mine!

I tell him
Baby fill your bank too!

He says
Yes, when yours is as heavy as mine.



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