Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I want this to happen

A lot of the things I get for Tiny on my own, need to get fixed in some way. Most are brand new with a defect so marked down, so much that it's a really good bargin. Cost less than lunch in one day

So i had to learn how to do simple electronic fixes
The man at the watch store told me how to examine and check for things, plus learning electronics in physics class long ago certainly helped.

Plus I make a lot of his toys from scratch

Now Tiny thinks I am a superhero. He thinks I can fix anything or make anything or help him when he is ill
He will see a picture of something and say
Want mama to make that please!
Sometimes it works out, sometimes, I can make a different version he likes.

The other day he was laughing. I asked him : Where did you get that light in your eyes
He looked at me and said : From Mama!
Then ran off

Tiny if you are reading this one day. I am verklempt!

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