Sunday, May 22, 2016


It all started with a football

Decided that since Tiny liked football, I should encourage him to play if he wants

He was excited about the ball so we hadn't left the indoors before we started to lay

I'm fairly ok at it and I learned some of the technical aspects so I can teach hi some of what he needs to know

Later on he can join a team or whatever. I don't mind being at all the games and helping him practice

 At our high school, they made us do different sports for PE. So if he wants golf, I can d golf, self defense, just a little, and the tiniest bit of tennis, and some netball and pitchim.
What else do boys need to learn?
I am taking a class in June and Tiny is to come with me.
Hopefully he will learn something there.
Meanwhile The ball led us to talking  about Messi and Barcelona

This led to an adventure play time where we 'flew' to Spain then south america. Anywhere that spoke Spanish
 Tiny can do his numbers in Spanish well now, as well as some animals and commands.

Kids books are amazing these days!

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