Saturday, February 16, 2013


Listen to this story
Imagine you are having a not so good day
So you ask some people to clue you in as to what they think about something. Some aspect of yourself you are not quite sure about
You expect to hear rotten things
But then there is this outpouring of Loveliness and light and all good things,
Supportive and great
Then the day and year turns into spectaularness (hahah)because you can't believe that so many people  think you are awesome and you didn't really think you do anything special to deserve that!
So you go about the rest of your Year like a CHAMP!
Can you believe it?????
"just as you are"
"take your time'
"you are lovely"
"I love you" (wait what????)
I felt like doing mummer's strut! 
(LIKE A CHAMP!!!!!!)

ps : I know the best people in the world!

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