Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Butterfly kisses and the like- For Tiny

Tiny I just want to remind you of this
We've got to the point whee you climb up on the bed, put your legs on mine and ask for butterfly kisses
The first time I was giving you the kisses and you said "Mama?"
I said "What is it?"
You said: "Your nose is kinda there"
I screamed with laughter for a long time and you joined in
Ever since then, no matter how many times you get butterfly kisses, you always say "Your nose is kinda there"

Also some of the best things are your spontaneous hugs when you say I love my mama, or when you wake up and I hear in my half sleep I love my mama

OR when its 4 am and you are awake and out playing with your toys and you sing  Sunday school songs

You are amazing.

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