Monday, October 17, 2016


I watched that Survivng Compton movie starring Michel'le. At one point in the movie, she said of the people around her "kindness was a new experience for me" AND
I have to write this
TO remember

My mama helped me a lot
One of the best things she ever taught me is that YOU decide your own life, your own inner life.
No matter how horrible a situation you end up in, no matter how horrible the people  who surround you are,YOU decide
YOu decide to be happy
YOu decide to be positive
You decide to engage loving people, places and things

You decide your way out of sadness and into happiness
Bad thoughts? Think something else
YOu decide
You are in charge of YOU
Nobody else
EVen if someone is tying to make things miserable for you
You decide in your own space to let in the happy
Let THEM stew on their own

YOU be happy
Thank you mama!

Tiny, if you are reading this
Remember that!

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