Friday, September 16, 2016

Memory in the Moment

Tiny, we got some pics but yesterday we danced in rainbows
We were supposed to go out and I was getting ready
You were in the kitchen and you started to scream
'Mama, Mama rainbows!'
I run out and all over the floor and wall- Rainbows!
We dance dance dance, singing 'rainbows, rainbows rainbows'

We had a laughing fit
Reading planes
Lightning caused another fire...
Was it Lightnig Mcqueen?

We fiddled with your big train
It works! We squealed!!!

We share apples :)

We won some more wheel of fortune and 500 tickets at the wheelspin

We sat and watched the rain come down, then went to find the purple flowers

We counted to 100 while changing your clothes

We looked at the Australian monster trucks

You read the Planes race book to me while I was resting.

My baby love.

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