Monday, August 15, 2016

Notes on a Tiny

Tiny, if you are reading this, here are some things that are happening.
1. You are 2.5 years old
2. You hold my hand while and until you fall asleep
3. You like zerberts and you call the farty farts
4. You like everybody to be included and want everyone to play togwther
5. All vehicles are your favorites
6. You wanted to share cake  with Anna who didn't have any at Adam's Daycare
The first few times we sang Let Your Light Shine, you stood in the doorway looking at the sky with your hand up
7.  You like Rihanna's WORK so much, you wake out of half sleep to sing it if it comes on the radio
8. All your art drawings are intensely colorful these days
9. Your favorite color has sayed the same but you've expanded how many you use when drawing
10. You are still my favorite person in the world and through time and space
11. Your laugh is contagious

12. You never get tired of momma tang. Legos are amazing
13. Whenever you hear 'I Have a surprise', you run to your room so you can open it there
14. Gonna get you a journal soon. So you can WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15.You know...
16.You know what the vitamins are are what they are for
17. You can count up to 39!
18. You still like to hug my hair

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