Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dancing at Red Hot

There are some things I don't capture on camera
Like Tiny and I dancing at the Red Hot restaurant
People were walking by outside looking at us
It was so much fun
He was laughing and swinging round
I was so happy and just in the moment
I am so glad we have this time. I can take things slowly and just BE
I am so used to laughing and no matter what happened in life, I always had room for laughing and smiling and LIFE
SO now that this is continuous even when I am very tired and our feet hurt or something
Its just so good to laugh and make jokes
AND FYI Tiny has my sense of humor
He knows how to joke with me

Just has great timing and an infectious grown up laugh along with his little kid giggles
Who knew??????
Meanwhile I have someone  to dance with  who isn't self conscious!
He still stops to dance whenever he hears something he likes
AND he makes up songs
Just like me!

"I am sitting here playing with a train and a car and a house" That's a song
Tee hee

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