Monday, October 01, 2012

A film

On the weekend, when you are indoors because of the rain, and it's dark outside, this is the film to watch

Au Revoir Les Enfants

I really like films about WWII and this is a good one

It's about the friendship that develops between a catholic and a jewish boy who are attending a private boarding school during the French occupation

It goes along at moderate pace and the friendship takes a while to develop which makes it more realistic

The movie is also very good because it shows how life went on 'as usual' during the occupation, save for black market good selling and german police checking people's papers in odd places like restaurants at odd times

It's interesting because obviously it's a school for wealthy boys and their parents visit occasionally

While the French are accused of being too complacent about the jews by military officers, there are scenes which shows their disdain for the very same

So at least there there is that balance.

Anyway it ended up being very sad, but of course that is what you can come to expect with this type of film

I highly recommend it
Very well acted.

Very good film
 Watch under the covers while the rain comes down outside

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