Sunday, March 27, 2011

Painting with music

Well it hailed today

I never saw hail before and was interested for a few minutes

Then I got bored

So I started to paint

I made 6 pieces in all

Different colors for different meaning

I really like pretty things

Therefore whatever is pretty to me that I can create, then I do it

So I start with my basic paint

I can add texture if I want

With sponges

or other bits of paper

Or anything else I can find

It needn't be expensive at all

In fact I prefer everything to be very simple

Once things become unnecessarily complicated I tend to bail

So it's good that I just had my music on and the room to do what I wanted

I am so happy with all of it

I don't care if nobody else likes it

Because I like it.

Everybody likes their own stuff I imagine

I am glad I have an outlet


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