Thursday, April 30, 2009

To read

Léopold Senghor

  • Prière aux masques (Circa 1935 - Published in collected works during the 1940s).
  • Chants d'ombre (1945)
  • Hosties noires (1948)
  • Anthologie de la nouvelle poésie nègre et malgache (1948)
  • Éthiopiques (1956)
  • Nocturnes (1961)
  • Nation et voie africaine du socialisme (1961)
  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin et la politique africaine (1962)
  • Lettres de d'hivernage (1973)
  • Élégies majeures (1979)
  • La poésie de l'action : conversation avec Mohamed Aziza (1980)
  • Ce que je crois (1988)

Relax pretty

If you're gonna relax then relax hard.

Go to the prettiest spots

Be among the prettiest things


Clear mind

Breathe out

Chill :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow :)

This is such a simple blog
But I just love it
Just Things
One thousand and One things I want in a lover is the name of it
I think it's cute
Cute is my new reason for indulging in things these days.

That's how we learn

When I went to see May Angelou speak, it was with some indifference.
I had read all of her books in my teens and I thought I knew all there was to know about her.
It was when I heard her speak, that I realized I didn't know that much.
The book told the story
What she said in person and how she said it told who she was.
When I heard her speak I wished to grow up to be just like her
It wasn't her eloquence. It was already clear that she was eloquent, classy, gifted.
It was her grace, her understanding of people, her boundaries and openness at the same time.
When we speak as a person of this time, we should automatically filter into the "Is it kind, is it loving, is it helpful, is it true, is it uplifting to your audience, to your friend to your brother.
All put together, not in isolation.
That's when you capture the heart of others and hold them there close.
I think I have that down :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Looking for a variety of things...
Aim to find them.

Want to hurry up so I can slow down.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh my!

I saw this cartoon and love it to pieces!

And this one too!


Which one do i like best?
Let's see...
Maybe this one?

How about this one?






Band of Gold is one of my favorite songs and Freda Payne is really just timeless
Here are the lyrics
Take a listen

Now that you're gone
All that's left is a band of gold
All that's left of the dream I hold
Is a band of gold
And the memories of what love could be
If you are still here with me

You took me from the shelter of a mother I had never known
Who loved any other
We kissed after taking vows
But that night on our honeymoon
We stayed in separate rooms

I wait in the darkness of my lonely room
Filled with sadness, filled with gloom
Hoping soon that you'll walk
Back through that door
And love me like you tried before

Since you've been gone
All that's left is a band of gold
All that's left of the dream I hold
Is a band of gold
And the dream of what love could be
If you are still here with me

Ooh, don't you know that I wait in the darkness of my lonely room
Filled with sadness, filled with gloom
Hoping soon that you'll walk
Back through that door
And love me like you tried before

Since you've been gone
All that's left is a band of gold
All that's left of the dream I hold
Is a band of gold
And the dream of what love could be
If you are still here with me

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I watched the Painted Veil
I loved the portrayal of the characters.
Very realistic.
Cinematography very good
Story Good
I don't think I like Naomi Watts in that Role, nor Liev Striber...
It just didnt work for me...
Maybe it worked for others.


I watched Neo Ned.
I liked it.
Something was missing, but I liked it a lot.
A flow and a rhythm was missing (just a little)
It seemed stilted...
But I recommend it for the story itself.
I really liked Jeremy Renner in this movie.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Must See

The Boy in the Striped....
Watch the Trailer
It's sad
But the movie looks very high quality.

I saw the movie. Its good except the pace is too fast in areas where it should be slower and it drags in areas where it shouldnt...
The result is that it doesn't let you mourn adequately where you should...everything
seems like a shock to the senses...
However it was a very good film.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Movies, chillin, with your pal....

Talking to major DC homey on the phone
Hey Izzy...

A recipe for feeling good about life when its stressy...

Avoiding the stressies :)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Blame it on the

Jamie Foxx

The cast in this video is phenom


John Legend
Save Room

Save Room lyrics

[Verse 1]
Say that you'll stay a little
dont say bye-bye tonight
say you'll be mine
just a little bit of love
is worth a moment of your time.
Knockin' on your door just a little
it's so cold outside tonight
let's get a fire burning
oh I know I'll keep it burning bright
if your stay, wont you save, save

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save room for my love
Save a little, save a little for me
Won't you save a little
Save a little for me

[Verse 2]
This just might hurt a little
love hurts sometimes when you do it right
dont be afraid of a little bit of pain
pleasure is on the other side.
Let down your guard just a little
i'll keep you safe in these arms of mine
hold on to me pretty baby
you will see I can be all you need if you stay
won't you save, save


Oh c'mon, make time to live a little
don't let this moment slip by tonight
you'll never know what you're missing
'till you try, ill keep you satisfied if you stay
won't you save, save


Musical score

One of the only movies I ever saw that MADE me like it because of the the musical scores in the movie was The Holiday.
All the music in this movie was so appropriate and it is THAT, that draws you into the story.
I think it HAD to be emphasized because one of the main characters in the movie was a musician who developed scores for film.
The music was beautiful and captures you, sweeps you away and pulls you apart.
You feel like dust swirling this way and that, and then landing all together again where it wants you.
Good job Hans Zimmer!
Plus this is the movie that taught me about meet cute.


Saw Rachel Getting Married
It was interesting
It was an ok movie.
I didn't dislike it.
The breakout stars of that movie I thought were Rosemarie DeWitt (sister) and then Bill Irwin (dad).
Rosemarie drew you into the movie and the feeling and the moment. Bill did the same.
This story has been done before (addiction and the effect on the family)
Maybe could have been done better because the film spent a LOT of time on the element of the extended family without really drawing them into anything...they were aware/not aware of what was going on
Something didn't seem tied together in the right way or even the wrong way...


Watched the movie Soul Men
It was hilarious.
With a cast like that, all that you should expect is the really funny.
I didn't think that they needed the raunchier elements at all but I suppose since they had the R rating already for the cursing, they decided to go all out
But again I would say the raunchier elements were not necessary.
Samuel L Jackson was Amazing as usual, Bernie Mac phenom :)


Watched Seven Pounds.
I liked some elements of it but overall I don't know if I like the way it was put together and the way it was told.
I felt it was designed to illicit a tearful reaction by making the characters in the movie cry a lot..
This is not really the best way to go about such a film.
Cinematography, lighting was well done.
Rosario Dawson gave a great performance.
I liked the movie because of Rosario and the box jelly fish, but those are the only reasons.


Watched a PBS special called Swimming in Auschwitz.
Watching the special was like walking through fog yesterday.
Many time you hear these stories and it never gets lighter with each telling.
Maybe I shouldn't have watched it at this time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Free and Clear

Despise Messy situations

I am done


What them Girls are liking
Luda sings it

Clap cla clap!!!!

Just Like me : Jamie Foxx
Love iT!

Unpredictable feat Luda
Be dinner while makin the movie!
These days I feel like breaking loose and dancing life away...


Took a quiz: How addictive are you?
Got this result

Your Result: You are the Addiction Everyone craves...


Master of it All. Smelling good, looking good, touching good, walking sexy, dressing Lovely, and most of all, people can't let you go! It's you or nothin' baby!

You Are their spark, their Light, their dreams for passion! You ARE the passion. Energy flows through you so easily, and into those others, making them want to feel that feeling, more and more and MORE! You got it going ON!

Trusted friends, a Lover of all Loves, and a crowed to be addicted to you until you leave the ground! Your Love, if you have one, must be so wild about you.

Wanting more and such... And the crowed, must be flowing with jealousy. Good for you mate! you're making life interesting. ;}

Friday, April 03, 2009

That Thing

That thing you can't fake when its real love



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