Friday, September 28, 2007

Classical Music Concert

Was nice :)

He played only Beethoven.

Friday night at this place lol!

Enid Blyton Dayz

When the kids played lacross in Boarding school :)

This reminded me of that so much!

I never learned to it looks like you can get bruised badly if someone hit you with the stick...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Too cute

I like this

Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Ever Rock Concert

The Queens of The Stone Age.

They are actually a very famous band, but I didn't know that because I don't follow the rock scene.

So I get there early and because I had researched the band I recognized the lead singer Josh Homme.

I got a pic with him. :)

WHen I got inside I was up front right by the stage. I thought That was the best place to be but I didn't realise that it meant that a mosh pit would form behind me.
I am nest to R.J in the cap and we are the first row to the stage so everybody else is pushing to get where we are.

The crowd was sick! There was a lot of pushing
Luckily some guy there decided to protect me...That was really nice of him. That is him in the cap. R.J. I was standing right next to him...

I took pics of their play lists...

The other bands were ok.
I got a drumstick from the drummer of the first band. He kinda looked like Izzy.

I really liked the Keyboardist from Queens...he was really nice.
After the show band members came up to me to tell me I did a great job up front lol!
I met the music manager for Queens and took a pic with him
He was really nice. We talked for a while because he asked me where I was from and If I had fun etc.

This other guy from the first band also came up to talk to was great!...I think I was the onlyperson who looked like me there! He is a guitarist..and looked tired :)
Ok so I had a good time but I think that that is my first and last rock concert.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Radio is so cool

They say I am doing good!

Here I am waiting on my cue in for the headlines...

My Wednesday morning DJ is a trip lol

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