Sunday, February 28, 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The end view

We walked

And walked

Ended up here

 Worth it

Boys play

This is the way it goes

I just watch now

The love




They do the MOST with kids' cakes these days

The color

The pretty

The heroes

The delicious


When its warm, you always want to be outside

Its pretty and the sunshine makes you happy

SO you just walk and walk as far as you can

Picnic outside and just enjoy

The pretty views and the loveliness

Le sigh


Friday, February 26, 2016


Pop up

And important like this

Tiny already knows about him

But every time we find a new book we go through it

I like this one.

It's a timeline story


Ok so his fav Character in  his fav book played baseball on Thursday nights

So he wanted  to learn

Firstly I cant find baseballs and bats here
Secondly, I can't/won't/ can't buy it anyway
 So we made them and did it this way
The dude is good!
I took some video
Gonna take him t the fields and let him hit and throw.

Construction on the colonies

Story to be continued

We were singing "We are trapped inside" to the Eyes Without a Face verses beat and rhythm

Construction is coming along

Claymation 2

Forgot how much fun this was

Used to be plasticine, now its play doh

Alright then

Plasticine seemed more durable and came with less instructions

But whatever

We'll build our castles in the sky

And have many laughs doing it



Life is too short for drama
If Tiny wants to wear it this way.

I'm gonna let him

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The fruit stand

If we have a long day  in town I can get fruit here
The lady is really nice and always gives Tiny a banana

I think him and the lady have an affinity because he responds to her in a way he doesn't with other strangers

I only get things from her


The oversized books have an art series

This one is Degas

Up above

Hanging out together

Some places are more relaxing than others

I like this place

We can just look down and talk about what we see

Mini picnic

We actually ANNOUNCE it
Mini picnic!!!!!

Then we run around and find our picnic food

Sit down

Eat and discuss something - conversation is amazing :)
The best...

Experiment Day

We try to do one experiment a week
This one is absorption

We just got some dye but we didn't have any for this experiment

We had a hypothesis and everything

We also did it with diaper and blue dyed water but I don;t have pics of that

Learning is learning is fun

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