Friday, September 20, 2013

Sooooo me

When something unpleasant happens right near you, but you're starving and still third or fourth in the food line
This happens...

Don't front. You know that's you too!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've been doing other things and planning a bunch of stuff so I couldn't focus on the project
Is that just an excuse?
Yeh maybe
Also  something seemed off for a little while and I couldn't get into my characters
I had to change one  in a major way
Or maybe I didn't have to change it. I am thinking I should allow an evolution of the charcaters
Except I personally don't partcularly believe in evolution of personalities when clearly I should
I used to think that how a person is, that is how they will always be
No hope or redemption
That is not true of course, and I should really try to write that way.
Obviously people evolve...


Remember when?

Remember when you couldn't decide if Ernie or cookie monster was your fav character on Sesame Street?


I decided

Thank YOU Tom Hiddleston!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

This is how you know

Life is dope...Kanye and Dave. Best story ever...


This is a yes

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So over it

Admire Steve McQueen
Answers dumb reporter questions straightforward with an ounce of pure SHADE

Check it out

And like so

YEH he said it...

my mood today

I'm tired

And I WISH somebody WOULD...

Sunday, September 01, 2013


Ok I love movies
Watching stories takes you away from what is now
I watch em all the time
ANY story
Some are horrible and lame
But when you get the good ones
That makes you feel so good

The butler was a goooood one
I loved this film

The acting was amazing
The cast so good
Everybody played their part well
 Oprah did an excellent job as Gloria
 Forest Whitaker as usual well done
Clarence Williams! I was so happy to see him! It was a small role but he NAILED it
Cuba Gooding Jr Very good and very memorable as always. 
Terrence Howard...Great as usual
Nelsan Ellis was great in a tiny role as MLK
Jesse Williams who usually plays hunky, pretty boy roles got into the James Lawson role and  did a great job.
David Banner lost some weight and  was so good.
 I liked Mariah Carey. She was good in Precious and she was good here...

I also liked how they  included details that people would miss if they didnt know specific personal things about the various presidents.
Like they subtly put in JFK's Addison's disease
Also Nixon's phlebitis..they just showed his suffering
Johnson's constipation - later in life they found he had massive intestinal problems including diverticulitis. They say he had a horrible diet
These are things that somebody really close would know but they did'nt HARP on it...just sort of showed it and if you knew you could relate and say OH

The story was well written and seemed realistic
 I appreciated that.
 When a story draws you in so you forget yourself and your life and you for even a minute

That's a good story

No matter what the details
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