Sunday, October 31, 2010


The hay ride started at the barn where they were showing scary movies

I'd forgotten how prickly hay was..

Extremely prickly


You don't notice while you are being scared

I didn't think I would be scared

But now I feel sorry for that guy sitting next to me

My face was buried in his back and my fingers dug into his side

And he was was laughing the whole time

Those things COULD have been real you know

It's not beyond the realm of imagination for someone to run amok

I don't like taking chances

It was very dark

the only light was from my camera

and those things were running up to the hay cart and banging o the sides

almost touching us

And we were at the end!


Hallow sweeny

I was surprised at how much fun I had

I do feel weird right now like I am getting ill or something

But I did dress up in my star trek costume

People went all out with their costumes

Which I was glad for

The music was good at times

When the band realized what it would take to get people to dance

Then there was a contest

I wanted the Ghostbusters to win

They were so into it
I love fun

I like roaming

I like things

Things like this...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This new basketball season is gonna be AMAZING
I have my fav teams but by far my fav player is....
Dirk Nowitzki
He plays great

And he is uber cool
And cute
HAVE MERCY! :)))))
He wants to cut his hair and wanted advice. I say DON'T -just a trim!


Like the dickens!

I really loved this movie

It wasn't campy or trussed together in a neat little package
It was cool

It was deep
It was Amazing

It was cultural without being preachy
It was lovely

WATCH it over and over
It was also sweet and good

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Club hopping

Best night, best time

Have mercy!

We went to three different clubs

Listened to a band

Checked out a dj


It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I still dig the arts

Went to the Picasso exhibit which was ok


I really got into the rest of the museum

The small nooks where nobody went

That's where you would find me

All the pretty plates

Open Spaces

Rooms to play

Old Paintings

Fighting dogs in stone

The lovelies

The gorgeous

The pretties

The wonderful

The strange

The I wants


The WTH???

That was what I saw

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